Can Pay-Per-Click Ads Assist Startup Ventures?


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Today, businesses in Georgia frequently search for ways to help develop new startups. One of the most popular forms of online promotion involves placing pay-per-click (“PPC”) advertising. An experienced Atlanta Google AdWords Expert offers insights to help fledgling firms grow and develop more rapidly. Consider some of the ways utilizing this service assists entrepreneurs.

About Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Advertisers today widely appreciate pay-per-click online ads. When a company promotes its services through a conventional print ad, the firm typically pays a pre-determined amount of money for its ad placement. It may incur additional costs designing the ad, testing the best advertising channels, and paying for printing services.

By contrast, an online advertiser relying upon PPC ads pays only when a viewer actually take action to “click” or tap the ad on a digital screen. Since an increasing number of consumers have started shopping online during recent years, this form of ad placement appeals to many enterprises. Does it pose a realistic advertising vehicle for a new venture?

Some Advantages of Pay-Per-Click

To some extent, experts disagree about the use of pay-per-click advertising by startups. Advocates note this form of ad does not require an extensive out-of-pocket investment initially. Companies easily test PPC ads and then roll out larger advertising campaigns after identifying successful spots.

Additionally, this type of digital ad enables an advertiser to “build authority” and gain wider name recognition. A PPC ad may appear on a computer screen multiple times before a prospect clicks a mouse to visits the landing page. Unlike print ads, which often reach passive readers, these online promotions require a potential customer to take action in order to learn more about the product or service. Additionally, advertisers may reach prospective customers within specific targeted markets.

A Unique Problem Facing Startup Ventures

On the other hand, some marketing experts disagree about the use of PPC ads during the initial stages of a startup. Completely new products sometimes lack an obvious satisfied customer demographic. This “market fit” proves critical to the survival of fledgling enterprises.

For example, if a company in Georgia develops an original consumer beverage, the startup’s management team might not have the statistical data required to describe a “typical” buyer immediately. The firm may have achieved only a limited number of sales. In this situation, expending funds on massive advertising campaigns might prove cost-ineffective.

Testing For “Market Fit” Online

Abdo Riani argues PPC ads offer unique assistance to startups, however. Instead of conducting advertising campaigns per se, companies sometimes utilize this tool to expedite the identification of a new brand’s “market fit”. This process somewhat resembles ad testing.

For example, a startup might consider displaying PPC ads to prospective buyers for testing purposes. Taking this step may help rapidly pinpoint the characteristics of consumers most interested in purchasing the product. The company can then adjust its advertising to ascertain the most effective ad formats.

The Advantages of Scalability

PPC advertising offers a key advantage: scalability. It permits inexpensive ad testing. Marketers enjoy a great opportunity to develop highly targeted promotional messages.

Profitable campaigns require revenues to exceed PPC ad costs. Careful testing helps accomplish this goal. Ultimately, this aspect of digital advertising offers benefits for a wide array of enterprises, including startup ventures.

Locate Experienced PPC Assistance

Do you anticipate launching a new venture in Georgia soon? Discuss your plans with a skilled Atlanta Google Ads Consultant. Taking this step assists many businesses in optimizing the use of startup capital!

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