How To Use Support For WooCommerce on WordPress


As a business or WordPress site person, you might have some questions on the daily use of WooCommerce on it. You’re not alone in that. To help you and the others who need this guidance, here are some of the top tips for site owners, who need support from each platform.

The WooCommerce Dashboard

The home screen for management of your site includes a quick access page for the site’s statistics. You can access the site issues there. You can ask support about the questions on those concerns. Here are some things that that page also includes to ask your support specialist about.

  • Inbox Messages
  • Orders and Details
  • Statistics
  • Store Management

If the site is new, you’ll also have a few things in a category to set up your store. Just follow along with those steps. It’s super easy. WooCommerce Support is available if you have more questions on how that works.

Marketplace Extensions

Ask WordPress Support about the marketplace extensions that are available for your site. You can customize everything to create the perfect location for your given niche. There are several free choices that are available to you as well. Here are some of the best choices.

  • WPForms
  • OptinMaster
  • MemberPress

WPForms brings a contact form to your customers and guests to the store. This grows your business for the reassurance of the customers. Statistically, guests become customers when they know that a site will interact live with them. OptinMaster allows them to create contact options, even when they don’t contact you. It allows you to reach out to guests that can convert into customers. MemberPress is an amazing way to offer courses on the WordPress site.

WooCommerce on WordPress

Community Help

Remember that the community offers help as well. Many other site owners have encountered some of the same issues as you. They post on the site when things come up. Some of their issues have solutions that are clearly posted to help others.

One great tip that most users encounter is the conflicts of the page script. When that happens, you can disable the plugins. If the issue persists, you can enable those again. Then, ask the support system for the conflicts. There are times when someone else can spot something that you didn’t see.

There is a plugin for users that offers live support. New site owners should always use it for the questions that inevitably come up. That live chat offers the semblance of real store support. It is a wonderful way to create lifelong customers.

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