Three Reasons to Provide Your WordPress Website Via a Content Delivery Network


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A Popular Strategy

Today, many business WordPress sites benefit from the use of web hosting services offering far-flung Content Delivery Networks. A WordPress CDN offers assistance to visitors seeking dependable access to content rich websites. It assists in mitigating risks while enhancing more efficient website operations.


About Content Delivery Networks

The use of Content Delivery Networks gained popularity during the late 1990s. Some modern CDNs use cloud-based computing services. Essentially, the Content Delivery Network employs an architecture that relies upon networks of servers in disparate locations. Instead of making a WordPress website available through a single server, a firm distributes the website files among several servers. In some cases, redundancies occur due to the caching of HTML pages.

Online visitors usually obtain faster page loading speeds as a result of the decision of a website owner to use a CDN. One server may supply photos and other visual images, while another provides text and yet a third offers access to archived contents. In some cases, severs in diverse geographic locations assist clients within specific geographic divisions.

Three Reasons to Use a CDN

Utilizing a Content Delivery Network usually holds SEO advantages. Consider three popular reasons for seeking this type of assistance:

Increase Page Loading Speeds

Today, one of the most popular reasons for using a Content Delivery Network involves the need to expedite web page loading speeds. By distributing website contents among several servers, a CDN potentially significantly increases this factor (an important consideration in many SEO algorithms). Instead of waiting for a visitor’s computer and a single website server to exchange information, the hosting service enables multiple servers to respond to a single request for data simultaneously. The more widely distributed (and redundant) the server network, potentially the faster the loading of some web pages. Companies seeking to maintain rapidly loading business websites may choose to use a well maintained CDN to help achieve this goal.

Prevent Site Traffic Bottlenecks

Additionally, in some situations, a CDN offers valuable assistance to business website administrators by helping to reduce significant traffic bottlenecks. For example, if peak demand periods occur during certain hours of the day, a high volume of website visitors might overwhelm a single server. By contrast, using a geographically disparate network of servers allows the web hosting company to allocate visitor traffic among several servers. This helps alleviate traffic volume bottlenecks during peak periods.

Enhance Reliability

Content Delivery Networks offer a significant advantage in cases in which a localized threat takes a server off line. For example, if a company uses a single server to host its website, then a calamity impacting the server might easily take down the site. A hacking attack or an earthquake in the server’s location could result in significant business losses, for instance. By contrast, employing an extensive CDN helps diversify the risk factors facing business servers. Geographically localized failures might slow down website loading times to some extent, but they do not necessarily result in the complete loss of the website. In this respect, relying upon a Content Delivery Network offers assistance in mitigating risks. Website dependability increases through the use of this type of IT architecture.

Finding IT Support Services

WordPress website administrators often request the assistance of web hosting companies with access to Content Delivery Networks. Using a WordPress Support frequently offers SEO services. The availability of CDN services helps expedite page load speeds, while eliminating sporadic traffic bottlenecks and enhancing reliability!

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