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Customer reviews and ratings are available across more websites and in greater volume than ever before. They’re essential for a business to be ranked in search results, to connect with customers, and influence consumer decision-making.

Review Monitoring

Review Monitoring

We send alerts every time a new review is written.

customer review software

Promote Good Reviews

We stream positive reviews to your website & social profiles.

online reputation management software

Get More Reviews

We automatically ask customers for reviews via email, website & text.

Review Reporting

Monthly Reputation Reports

We deliver reports on total business rating and recent reviews.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Reputation Management Software

“Getting reviews matters in our business. Some store managers and employees didn’t understand how important this was to the success of their store. DoubleDome helped us standardize the process and monitor each locations performance. This ensures every location is building a good reputation when someone Googles us.”

B. Whitney

Review Management Software

“We didn’t think we needed to monitor our online reputation. Then we discovered a bad review created by an ex-employee. Discovering that anyone can review any company location was a real eye-opener. With 5 facilities, we needed someone who could keep an eye on all of them. DoubleDome monitors all of the major review sites to ensure this doesn’t happen again. We even requested reviews from clients to lessen the impact of the negative one.”

B. Jacobs

Online Reputation Management Software Features

Review Monitoring & Alerts

  • 24/7 Monitoring for new reviews
  • Major, minor and industry-specific review sites available
  • Send email alerts to specific staff based on custom criteria
  • Coordinate team responses & react quickly to negative reviews

Review Acquisition

  • Collect reviews via email, website, QR code, and text
  • Guide customers with clear instructions
  • Target major, local, and industry sites
  • Segment positive vs. negative feedback to pre-empt negative reviews
  • Engage customers with coupons and offers
  • Upload campaign recipients in bulk via CSV or Excel file
  • Automate sending, follow-up, and de-duplication recipients
online review software

Monthly Reporting

  • Monitor major, minor and industry-specific sites for reviews
  • 24/7 review alerts and send to staff based on custom criteria
  • Coordinate and manage team responses with simple tools
  • Respond directly to Facebook and Google reviews
  • See data on reviewer clicks, click-through, and conversions
  • Recurring reports to delivered via Web, PDF and CSV
  • Multiple, recurring reports to go to stores/staff on any schedule

Review Marketing & Syndication

  • Shares positive reviews on social media profiles
  • Streams latest and greatest reviews to your website
  • Multi-location review feed for syndicated “social proof”
  • SEO-friendly rich-snippet/schema markup for reviews and rating
Online Review Management Software
Review Management Service

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