How to Give Your Shoppers an Experience that Replaces Touching a Product


Many shoppers want to handle a product before they buy it. Shoppers may even want to try on clothes or shoes before they buy them. There are ways to give a shopper the ability to experience the product without touching the product. This is important for online sales of items a consumer typically buys in a physical store.

Customer-Online-ShoppingUse Photos that Fascinate Shoppers

Photographs of a product should tell the shopper what the product is used for and convey the product’s strengths. The design of the product is important as well as the functionality. A simple picture is not enough for someone who questions the potential of the item.


If you are an ecommerce web designer, you know that photo captions are important. Alt tags and captions help visually impaired shoppers understand what is in the photograph. A unique and detailed caption also helps shoppers understand which item in the picture is for sale.

Explainer Photos

An explainer photo is a photo with text descriptions in the picture. These are usually used to point out features or details about the parts of a product. Electronics usually have explainer photos for the ports.

Elaborate on the Fine Details

Zoom features allow a consumer to view the intricate details of a product. The ability to zoom in on a product also lets the customer view the quality and fit of a garment or shoes.


A photograph that gives the consumer feelings toward the product gets more attention. Animals and babies are used in photographs to connect with the shopper and highlight products. Shoppers tend to feel the emotions of a couple in love or a professional smiling.

Product Videos

Videos help a consumer view the workings of a product. A video also shows how others interact with the product. Many times, a shopper will search for video reviews of a product before they buy the item. High resolution is important for videos and photos.


Shoppers use customer reviews to view photographs and videos uploaded by past customers. They also use reviews to see the pros and cons of the item. A shopper may search the reviews to get a question answered about the product. Allowing customers to make reviews and post photos and videos helps a product sell if it is a quality product.

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