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Name: Jim Clanin

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As co-founder, Jim brings his vast creative design skills and project management abilities to the firm. Creating beautiful AND functional web solutions for every client is Jim’s #1 Priority. He manages the creative and development teams and oversees support services to ensure total client satisfaction.

Five Pros (And Cons) of Using PWA Technology in Ecommerce Website Design

Today, companies specializing in Atlanta Ecommerce Website Design frequently utilize PWA (Progressive Web Application) technology. This approach proves beneficial for some clients. Yet other enterprises in the Greater Atlanta Area prefer to obtain websites focusing upon other types of applications, despite potentially significant costs. The pros (and cons) of the use of PWAs make their […]

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Two Creative Ways to Add Zest to Your Websites During 2020

Website owners monetize their sites more easily when they maintain well-designed, appealing web pages. Today, site developers frequently turn to an experienced Web Design Agency. Professionals who work full-time in the graphics design field offer valuable assistance helping their clients craft high quality, content-rich online products. Yet just as styles vary within the fashion industry, […]

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Six Reasons to Integrate Your Ecommerce Website With CRM Software to Automate Mailings

Skilled Atlanta Ecommerce Website Development today assists enterprises in automating many essential business operations. Talented website designers seek to help their clients integrate Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) software programs seamlessly into the backgrounds of commercial sites. This strategy yields a variety of key benefits. Six Reasons to Integrate a Commercial Website With CRM A variety […]

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Five Tips For Incorporating CTAs Into Effective Web Graphic Design

Today, a skilled Web Design Agency appreciates the vital importance of crafting appealing call-to-action (“CTA”) elements for commercial websites. A site owner may urge visitors to sign up for a free newsletter or commit to purchasing goods or services. Regardless of the nature of the transaction, the design team seeks to encourage commitment. A prospect […]

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Ecommerce During The 2020 Pandemic: Six Key Facts

The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic created massive disruptions during the Spring of 2020. Many impacts from this event will likely become evident only much later. Yet some significant findings about Ecommerce during this period have already captured news media headlines. Businesses seeking Atlanta Ecommerce Website Design services may benefit by considering important findings from commercial activities […]

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Three Important Tips For Using Color in Web Design

Today, a skilled Atlanta Web Designer appreciates the vital advantages of using colors effectively in cyberspace. Selecting the best shades to help showcase your website holds significant aesthetic and marketing benefits. It may even boost conversion rates. Psychologists for many years have recognized the importance of color schemes in influencing consumer behavior, for example. These […]

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Three Reasons to Incorporate Robust Security Into Your Ecommerce Website Design

Do you strive to include security features within your commercial website? This design strategy offers some significant benefits today. Effective Atlanta Ecommerce Website Development includes robust security components. Consider just three reasons to ensure your site provides strong measures to deter online threats such as hacking, phishing, and intellectual property thefts: One: Customers Appreciate Robust […]

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Enhance Your Website With Micro-Interactions

Today, a skilled Web Design Agency helps clients craft more interactive web pages. This goal essentially assists a site in boosting its user-friendly emotionally intelligent qualities. Engineering a more satisfying (and enjoyable) online experience using micro-interactions frequently enables businesses to attract higher numbers of returning visitors. What do design micro-interactions involve? How can they enrich […]

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4 Reasons Why Ecommerce Websites Increasingly Use AI Customer Support

Ecommerce website developers who closely follow new trends observe the growing popularity of AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems as components of leading marketing websites. Savvy Atlanta Ecommerce Website Development teams monitor this practice with keen interest. Utilizing AI in customer support initially yielded poor results. Yet today, significant improvements in this technology suggest robotic customer support […]

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The Pros (And Cons) of Parallax Scrolling

Today, enterprises seeking the services of a talented Web Design Agency sometimes request trendy parallax scrolling. Many excellent reasons underlie this preference. Yet just like other website design techniques, this approach may not serve every website or every client. Parallax scrolling offers both advantages and disadvantages. Parallax Scrolling: A Quick Definition The chances remain excellent […]

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