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Name: Jim Clanin

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As co-founder, Jim brings his vast creative design skills and project management abilities to the firm. Creating beautiful AND functional web solutions for every client is Jim’s #1 Priority. He manages the creative and development teams and oversees support services to ensure total client satisfaction.

Graphic Design: A Powerful E-commerce Tool!

Today, an ecommerce developer offers valuable assistance to Atlanta-based businesses seeking to engineer effective retail sites. One of the most important elements in creating a distinctive online presence involves the careful use of graphic design tools. The visual appearance of commercial websites matters enormously to most customers. The Power of Graphic Design Why do successful […]

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Did You Design Your Business Website in a “Mobile First” Way?

Today, the rapid growth of mobile technology continues to impact businesses. A skilled web designer offers valuable assistance creating effective commercial sites specifically for small screens. This trend continues to shape the rollout of many new e-commerce sites. The Concept of “Mobile First” Since the initial development of ecommerce, businesses maintaining online sites have sought […]

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Key Ways to Provide a Personalized Ecommerce Experience

Today, businesses in the Greater Atlanta Area often turn to a skilled web designer for online marketing assistance. This strategy helps many companies craft highly effective ecommerce sites. Merchants offering goods and services via the Internet face strong competition. One method for creating a more satisfying customer experience involves personalizing content to fit the needs of busy visitors.

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DoubleDome: Design Skills Help Create an Attractive WooCommerce Website!

Today, businesses in Georgia frequently request the assistance of a web designer with expertise developing WooCommerce sites. The WordPress platform includes features of interest to enterprises marketing a wide array of goods and services. Creating a stylish retail outlet using the WooCommerce plugin assists merchants in cultivating online sales with the help of a turnkey […]

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B(e) EPIC: Web Design Principles to Help Optimize Ecommerce Sales

Today, businesses in the Atlanta Area frequently rely upon assistance from a skilled web designer in crafting high traffic websites. The global coronavirus pandemic during 2020 surprised many analysts. In some nations, it spurred online purchasing dramatically. Unanticipated Ecommerce Growth During 2020 Indeed, experts surmise the COVID-19 crisis ultimately will accelerate the growth of worldwide […]

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Secure Your Atlanta Company’s Ecommerce Websites Against Magecart Attacks

Today, the skills of a talented ecommerce developer assist businesses in creating more secure, effective websites. As the 2020 holiday shopping season rapidly approaches, security analysts urge companies in Georgia and other states to remain on guard against Magecart attacks. This type of malicious cyber threat gained attention this year. It reportedly poses a significant […]

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DoubleDome: Tips For Designing Sales Tax Compliant Commercial Websites

Today, a skilled ecommerce developer in Georgia must take the collection of sales taxes for every customer transaction into consideration. At the turn of the century, online merchants in our state only collected and remitted these funds from customers located within the Peach State. Yet recent legal changes now require businesses to undertake this responsibility […]

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DoubleDome: Helpful Tips For Merchants Preparing For The Holiday Season During 2020

An ecommerce developer in the Greater Atlanta Area offers useful assistance to merchants preparing for online sales during the upcoming holiday season. The current Coronavirus Pandemic injects an element of uncertainty into decision making at this time. Yet many indicators suggest current events may have actually strengthened consumer confidence in online sales. Retailers battered financially […]

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A Timely Web Development Topic: Voice Searching

Today, the optimization of company websites to accommodate voice searches sometimes sparks controversy. A web designer may recommend this change. Whether or not a business will benefit from investing in voice searching frequently hinges upon individual circumstances and available budgeting. However, some experts believe the recent Coronavirus Pandemic may renew interest in this type of […]

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Five Pros (And Cons) of Using PWA Technology in Ecommerce Website Design

Today, companies specializing in Atlanta Ecommerce Website Design frequently utilize PWA (Progressive Web Application) technology. This approach proves beneficial for some clients. Yet other enterprises in the Greater Atlanta Area prefer to obtain websites focusing upon other types of applications, despite potentially significant costs. The pros (and cons) of the use of PWAs make their […]

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