Top Reasons to Have a PPC Landing Page


PPC - Pay Per Click conceptA PPC landing page is a page that is similar to the front page of your website in style, but you use it for your PPC campaigns. It is a standalone page dedicated to the promises you made in your PPC ad. Having a landing page gives visitors an experience that is straight forward. In a nutshell, they won’t have to search your website for what your ad promised they’d find.

More Visitors Convert

Once you have a visitor on your PPC landing page, it is easier to convert them to a customer if it is simple. It is easier for a visitor to decide on something when you offer one thing in your PPC ad, and it is directly in front of them after they click the ad.

Easily Close the Customer or Client

With a landing page, you can highlight your call to action right away. Highlight your product or service, and then ask for the sale. It is much simpler than having a visitor sift through many products and get distracted with other components of your website.

It is Easier to Prove Your Brand

With a PPC landing page, you can offer visitors proof that you have a great product or brand right away. Highlight reviews, testimonials, videos, and social media clips to show visitors why they should trust you and what you offer.

Your Landing Page is Customized

You don’t have to have one landing page that works for every PPC ad. You can have one landing page for each ad that highlights different products or services. Using different landing pages is a great way to test your ads with unique landing pages until you find a match that works the best. Having different options for holidays is also a great way to cater to people looking for gifts and gives you a chance to participate in PPC campaigns during the holidays without changing your entire website.

Consider asking your paid search agency about linking to landing pages so that you have the best chance of converting visitors to customers!

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