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With so much information being shared on the Internet in this day and age, it is virtually impossible to have a successful business without a well run website. Unfortunately, this opens the doors to many people who throw together a business card and present themselves as a web designer. Desperate businesses, especially small ones with little budgets for website design, jump at the chance to get a professional designer for a smaller amount of money. The problem is that just knowing how to put together a website does not a professional make. There are so many aspects of a successful website, and if your designer doesn’t know how to put those factors to good use for you, then he or she is not the right choice.

Before you entrust something so vitally important to just any web design company, you should verify all references and experience. Take a look at your prospective designer’s portfolio and even cruise around one of the websites he or she has designed. When you’re sure that he or she can take care of the aesthetics of your website, then it’s time to discuss the back end mechanics. With your snazzy new site, you want to know that your prospective customers are going to see it, love it, and visit it often. What’s the point of spending a lot of money on a website that the same twenty people see over and over again? You need to make sure that your web designer understands how website usability, search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaigns and email marketing techniques integrate into a true Internet marketing strategy to drive more traffic to your lovely new website. If he or she doesn’t understand how to help you build a larger audience for your business, then you should probably keep looking for a web designer that can produce more than just a great business card.

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