Don’t Forget to Include a Call to Action


CTAIt may sound like a simple idea, but it’s amazing how many people forget to add a clear call to action in their email marketing campaigns. It’s one of the most basic, yet most important things to remember when putting together your marketing campaign materials.

A call to action is essential for getting fast responses from your customers. Keep in mind that most people get many emails per day. Once someone opens an email they tend to skim it for essentials and quickly move on. It’s up to you to guarantee that your company’s name, website and other important information are within the content of the mail.

If you forget to include a call to action you’ll never capture any return on your marketing. Don’t make your potential customers hunt for the information or worse – use an Internet search engine to locate your company. Keep in mind that the call to action should be focused and easy to locate within the content. For example, use sidebars or bold text to block out the useful information.

You can include several calls to action within the same email content. This ensures that people will be able to locate it easily as they scroll through the page. It’s not helpful when someone is intentionally looking for your information and can’t find it. Always read the content of your emails before sending them out. Try to look at them as though you are viewing them through new eyes.

Always include a link back to your website. It’s important that people not only see the name of your website, but also are able to get to is by simply pressing one link. If you’re offering a special deal or sale, always be sure to add a link to your sales page to get people to purchase the item quickly.

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