Google releases a new version of its AdWords editor


Increase efficiency with CSV import.

Many advertisers have requested the ability to import CSV files in AdWords Editor, and we’re happy to announce this feature is now available in the new versionwe’re happy to announce this new feature. If you make changes to your account in a spreadsheet or a custom application, you can now import your spreadsheet directly into AdWords Editor, then post your new or edited items. Learn more

Save time by downloading or updating selected campaigns.

Have you ever waited a long time for your account to download, when all you want to do is work with one or two campaigns? Now you can just download the campaign (or campaigns) that you want to edit, leaving the rest of the account alone. You may also choose to download or update only active campaigns (or only paused campaigns). Learn more

Make the most of Keyword Opportunities.
We’ve made a few changes to the Keyword Opportunities tool that should make it easier to manage your keyword data. On the “Search-based keywords” tab (the AdWords Editor version of the Search-based Keyword Tool) you can now view and organize new keywords by topical category, letting you zero in quickly on the keywords that are most relevant to your account. Also, when you export or copy keywords, the Keyword Opportunities columns (such as Volume and Competition) are now included. As another response to advertisers’ requests, you can now add terms to your account as either keywords, negative keywords, or campaign negative keywords.

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