Five Tips For Using Local PPC Campaigns to Extend Your Ad Budget


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Today, the economic challenges created by the COVID-19 Pandemic prompt many businesses in Georgia to trim expenses. Optimizing an enterprise pay-per-click (“PPC”) advertising budget offers one useful strategy for accomplishing this goal. An expert Atlanta Google Ads Consultant supplies valuable help to commercial customers seeking to employ more effective local PPC campaigns. Promoting your firm at a grass roots level remains a time-honored way to maintain or rebuild in a variety of markets.

Which Enterprises Benefit The Most From Local PPC Campaigns?

Potentially, pay-per-click ads hold advantages for all advertisers. Companies frequently use this method to obtain additional online revenue streams. However, among the businesses placing advertising, two groups in particular find local PPC campaigns most helpful: local brick and mortar retail ventures serving customers within specified locations and franchise outlets. Additionally, nonprofits and institutional enterprises serving local areas may rely upon this type of promotional campaign to attract public interest and share important mission statements.

Three Key Advantages of Local PPC Strategies

What benefits do enterprises obtain by focusing upon placing highly targeted online PPC local ads? In most cases, possibly due to the smaller available market, this type of advertising costs considerably less than a promotion geared towards a much larger regional or national audience. Advertisers in Georgia seeking to develop trim, cost-effective PPC campaigns discover advantages in focusing on specific localized targets for their ads. Directing this campaign towards zip codes with large potential populations of Atlanta Area customers tends to cost less than attempting to reach the entire Southeastern United States, for example.

Another reason to concentrate PPC campaigns at the local level involves the effort required to cultivate a business relationship with prospective customers. With respect to purchasing decisions, interested buyers often feel more inclined to trust merchants whom they perceive as local businesses. These companies maintain a closer connection to the area, and thus a higher degree of accountability. Some customers contemplating important purchases may also desire the ability to visit retail locations to actually inspect the merchandise before reaching an ironclad purchasing decision.

Additionally, yet a third reason may prompt some advertisers to prefer localized PPC campaigns. Some marketers have described the results when both national franchises and their own local outlets compete for keywords as “cannabalization”. Franchisees who market almost exclusively on the local level avoid this type of conflict in many situations if they target their PPC campaigns with precision. This process enables a franchisor’s national ads to reinforce (rather than detract) from the efforts of local franchise outlets.

Five Tips For Using Local PPC Ad Budgets More Effectively

  1. Mention zip codes in ads for retail outlets to emphasize an advertiser’s local presence, to the extent possible.
  2. To reduce conflict and waste, endeavor to coordinate local PPC franchising campaigns with a franchisor’s national campaigns (to the extent permitted).
  3. When legally allowed, target markets as specifically as possible for most services to optimize results (preferably at the zip-code level).
  4. Tailor every online ad used during a PPC campaign to emphasize relevant connections with the locale.
  5. Especially when advertising budgets prove limited, focus exclusively upon the top most profitable goods or services during local PPC campaigns.

Obtain Atlanta Google AdWords Expert Assistance

To launch more cost-effective local PPC campaigns, it proves essential to obtain skilled technical services (particularly during keyword selection). Enterprises in the Greater Atlanta Area may benefit by planning and implementing cost-saving local PPC campaigns with care. Despite challenging economic conditions, this approach ultimately aims to achieve long-term market growth!

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