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Marketing Strategies

Have you considered contacting an experienced Atlanta Google AdWords Expert recently? A Pay-per-Click (“PPC”) campaign provides a cost-effective way for many Georgia businesses to offer goods and services online. Advertisers pay only for those online ads that actually cause a prospect to “click” on the advertisement.

Yet for greatest impact, businesses conducting these campaigns should pay close attention to marketing considerations. A knowledgeable Google Ads consultant can offer help managing this type of promotion. DIY advertisers sometimes miss a vitally important aspect of the project: utilizing lead sources effectively.

PPC Ads: One Part of a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Today, PPC ads offer many enterprises a highly affordable way to reach an interested online audience. This type of advertising permits scalability. An enterprise may produce a series of ads for testing purposes, then scale up the campaign after identifying the most effective messages.

Yet experienced marketers caution this form of advertising comprises only one vital portion of a much larger effort. It remains important to develop a comprehensive strategy for attracting new customers. Don’t overlook the value of other Internet lead sources, including search engine results, social media postings, information webinars, referrals, and related marketing efforts.

About Lead Sources

Indeed, today enterprises enjoy many different avenues for informing prospective customers about their goods and services. For instance, viable lead sources may include testimonials generating new referrals and email newsletter mailing lists. Lead sources often involve online activities (yet even offline conventional marketing efforts still assist many Georgia businesses).

Managers discover benefits in keeping track of the results generated by different lead sources. Additionally, since a company may not know initially whether a particular ad proves effective (or not), many experts recommend carefully monitoring the number of leads generated by different ads. Compiling detailed information about your leads helps develop realistic milestones for specific advertising campaigns.

One Illustration: Using Urchin Tracking Models

Also called “UTMs,” Urchin Tracking Models enable online marketers to gather highly specific information about Internet traffic. Businesses endeavoring to determine the most effective ad or the best call-to-action (if an appeal employs more than one) utilize UTMs to help extract this information.

While the specific parameters of a UTM may involve some complexity (depending upon a marketer’s objectives), this form of tracking does assist online marketers. Skilled PPC campaign developers appreciate the utilty of employing UTMs to track specific types of data. Just as mail order companies test their appeals before investing in mass mailing campaigns, it usually makes sense to carefully research a PPC campaign prior to scaling this advertising upwards.

The Value of Managing Information From PPC Lead Sources

One “secret” for launching a successful PPC campaign involves carefully managing lead sources. The effort invested in this project may yield significant benefits over the long term. For example, one new customer might begin shopping at your online store as a result of a specific PPC campaign. Yet another visitor may find your site through your search engine results page. A third may learn about your firm via a social media posting.

When you conduct marketing, you’ll want to know as much information as possible about lead sources. Are you using the most effective PPC call-to-action appeals? Will they contribute to sales conversion rates?

Obtain Technical Assistance

Our Atlanta Google Ads Consultant Company frequently helps plan and conduct cost-effective PPC campaigns. Our clients often conduct business in Georgia. Ask us to assist you in fully utilizing and managing pertinent lead sources in PPC campaigns this year!

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