Podcast SEO: A Little Effort Goes a Long Way


Podcast SEO

If you are interested in optimizing your podcast for search engines, you can easily do it with a few keywords and creative titles. While a podcast is usually a laid-back conversation, there are ways to make sure that each episode gains you followers and adds to your value with search engines.

Focus on Content

It is necessary to note that you should still focus on content that gives your listeners something valuable to take from the episode. Podcasts just focused on keywords for SEO purposes will surely not rank as high on search engines as the podcasts that give people unique content.

Gather Keywords

It is important to have good keywords to attract more attention through search engines. Use a keyword finder to search for keywords that fit your business and find out how many people search for that exact phrase. Once you’ve decided on several that are popular, type one into Google with quotes around them to see what your competition is for that keyword. Repeat this with each keyword. You may want to hire a top SEO company to work with you on optimizing your site and finding the right keywords for your industry.

All in the Title

The title, or subtitle, of your podcast episodes should have a keyword included. Creativity to set compelling and sharable titles is crucial.

Tackling Transcripts

This is a time-consuming part of incorporating SEO into your podcast, but it is worth it. If you include your keywords here and there in your podcast, your transcript can help you rank higher on search engines.

Put it all Together

Include your podcast episodes on your existing website, or have a new site built to highlight your podcast. Include your transcripts and art for the audio file, so it is easier to share and click. After you have a website built and your podcast episodes are linked, consider converting them into YouTube videos. There is a large audience to consider on YouTube! Use your keywords in the title and description of your video so that you can gain exposure to your videos on search engines as well.

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