Experts Believe Artificial Intelligence Will Enhance The PPC Industry During 2020


Artificial Intelligency

The arrival of 2020 promises to bring many changes to the pay-per-click (“PPC”) advertising industry. Recent important advances in the development of artificial intelligence (also referred to as “AI”) will likely rank among the most significant. Today, a paid search agency must pay close attention to these trends in order to serve clients effectively. Rapid increases in the power of computers now enables AI to help manage massive streams of “Big Data” to enhance marketing campaigns.

Automating Pay-Per-Click Data Management

Of course, the current type of automation involved in modernizing the PPC marketplace does not relate to mechanized online searching or mechanical clicking on ads. Those “bot” processes in the past sometimes troubled clients and search agencies. Instead, this innovation concerns impressive new capabilities for manipulating huge streams of data.

Artificial intelligence allows advertisers to obtain useful information much faster for marketing purposes. It increases data analytical capabilities in astonishing ways. The results facilitate highly tailored, customized ads.

An Illustration

For example, consider the impact of localized weather patterns on online advertising campaigns. In planning PPC campaigns, marketers in the past usually lacked the option to direct targeted ads towards their potential customers in real time. A company selling a new product designed to remove snow from driveways could not typically rely on its PPC ads reaching only people living in areas impacted by heavy snow. The advertiser might buy seasonal ad spots in designated marketplaces. However, its PPC ads invariably would receive a certain percentage of clicks from curious viewers in snow-free places, people unlikely to become customers.

Today, thanks to Big Data and AI, advertisers enjoy an enhanced ability to specify actual “real time” conditions for ad campaigns. Using weather data to support a marketing initiative has become a real possibility in some marketplaces. Expect this trend to grow more widespread this year.

Harnessing AI And Big Data For Customization

Fast, powerful computers possess the capability to merge information about real-time weather conditions in specified zip codes with a list of potential PPC customers. Potentially, local weather reports might spur the sale of certain products. In the previous example, the website carrying a PPC ad for a new product to remove snow from driveways would display other, alternative PPC ads to customers from places enjoying snow-free conditions. Virtually every click would indicate a potentially interested prospect.

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