This Year’s Atlanta SEO Company Trends Put the Focus on Individual Consumers


Focus on Individual Consumers

A prominent Atlanta based SEO service cautions that some shopping trends do impact online business marketing efforts. Every business should be informed of new trends that will impact their loyal customer base.

This year, Atlanta SEO company trends are all about putting the focus on the individual consumer and not simply showcasing the company brand product or service alone.

Trend #1: Put the Spotlight on the Customer Using the Search Engine

This time in history will likely be remembered for the rise of the me generation. In past generations, a brand or service was immediately noteworthy and trusted by the average consumer.

With today’s advanced computer technologies, more individuals are shopping online using their laptops, computers and Smartphones. To keep the attention on your website, a company needs to incorporate more SEO elements that cater specifically to the consumers visiting the site and not just brand related gimmicks and high-pressure marketing ploys.

Trend #2: Data on Customer Analytics & Retaining Loyal Customers Are Key

In the past, SEO tended to be mostly about utilizing computer generated codes to drive online traffic to your specific website. As companies began to understand this process, search engine platforms also began to change how they use online customer data making it more about customer analytics data rather than a general traffic push that did not require much thought.

This new customer analytic trend has resulted in making companies do more to retain their loyal customer base and reward that loyalty in some tangible fashion. This has become even more important since the pandemic has disrupted normal business-related strategies across the globe.

As consumer income remains tight, this trend of putting forth more effort in online customer retention methods is expected to continue and online companies need to be prepared to stay ahead of their competition.

Trend #3: Search Engines Are Smarter & Companies Need to Be Too

Most online retailers and other businesses have relied on tried-and-true SEO optimization services to attract the right visitors to their site. Search engines in general are becoming much smarter than simply picking up some keywords or phrases and ranking a site higher using those outdated search engine ranking processes.

This means that companies too must be smarter when developing their SEO advertising and brand promotion strategies and techniques. These search engines are now designed to understand natural language elements, and businesses should utilize similar online tools, like NLP analysis, to get their online presence out there in the forefront rather than rely on outdated SEO keyword density programs as their only website ranking strategy.

Trend #4: Pay Attention to Page Optimization Experience & Core Website Vitals

Businesses that promote their products or services online need to pay closer attention to core website vitals and how an online visitor feels about their overall page experience when navigating a website. There are innovative new tools that can provide businesses with key online mechanism data.

These key online data details can reveal:

Traditional SEO trends are getting pushed aside as more businesses make better use of newer and novel SEO processes that puts their brand and online presence ahead of where the average online user is headed when they begin their online search.

These revolutionary new SEO tools are becoming more essential to businesses every day. Consult with an experienced and knowledgeable Atlanta SEO consultant for more details. Visit DoubleDome Digital Marketing at

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