How to Develop an SEO Strategy


Once you produce content regularly, you will notice that your visitors come back to read your blog posts or view your videos on a regular basis. Considering timing in your content strategy is an effective way to make sure that you produce content for your brand regularly, and your customer’s get the information they want like clockwork.

SEO StrategyKnow Your Audience

If your target market visits your website at certain times of the day, it is important to deliver your content before that time of the day. Even if you have a top Atlanta SEO company handle the details of your strategy, having a good content calendar may still be something you need to do for good customer retention.

Get Everyone on Board

Content can be a team effort! Have your team think of ideas for your blog and video marketing throughout the week so that you have a collaborative effort and receive unique ideas.

Your Content Calendar

When you use SEO in your content, it is important to have new information on your website or blog regularly. This is also true for the content you produce on social media platforms and YouTube. This helps your business, your team, and your viewers know when your content needs to be online. Search engines also consider how much content you produce when they put you in a position for your keywords.

Use a calendar like Outlook or Google Calendar so that you can share your SEO content strategy with your team. You can create features that you update daily or weekly on your blog or website. You can also schedule in video marketing content, standard blog posts, and social media. Once you have everything on your calendar, you can color code and assign various parts of your campaign to your team members.

Instead of putting your content on the calendar for the deadline, add it into the calendar as a date to start it and put the deadline in the notes. Give yourself plenty of time to finish, edit, and review the content before it is published.

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