Use Three Techniques to Optimize SEO in Google Searches


Techniques to Optimize SEO

Adjust to Changing Google Search Engine Ranking Criteria

Businesses in Georgia frequently seek the assistance of an experienced Atlanta SEO company. Enterprises across this region depend heavily upon search engine optimization to assist them in ranking well during customer searches. As the most influential search engine in North America, Google’s searching algorithm impacts businesses significantly.

Most companies realize the design team behind the powerful Google search engine periodically updates the algorithms used to determine page rankings. The search engine seeks to adjust to important new technologies and trends. On September 24, 2019, Google announced yet another core ranking update. The change impacted numerous companies seeking high SEO rankings. Consider using three strategies to help boost you page ranking in light of the recent changes:

One: Continue to Emphasize High Quality Content

Most SEO experts agree, despite the disruptions caused by core updates to major search engine algorithms, the best response remains emphasizing high quality web content. Sites that supply interesting, current, pertinent material and technically proficient, easily loaded web pages always outperform inferior competitors. Predicting specific search engine rankings may prove impossible. Yet while most website design teams cannot easily evaluate the impact of specific core updates, they can focus upon excellence. Maintaining a commitment to quality helps many established sites retain high rankings even during disruptive periods of change.

Two: Perform Site Testing

In order to verify the technical quality and ease of navigation through a site, companies usually benefit by requesting periodic website testing. This process offers many advantages. For example, it can help identify whether the site loads and displays equally well on a standalone PC, a laptop, a tablet, an Android phone, and an iOS phone. Poor results on any of these screens might limit the site’s ultimate ability to achieve high rankings for Google search engine keywords. Requesting this form of user testing also frequently assists a site owner in gaining helpful feedback about navigation and content issues. It allows website development teams to correct problems that might otherwise detract from a visitor’s willingness to explore the website. Today, numerous testing services assist IT staff members in assessing this aspect of a company’s online presence.

Three: Accept The Increased Prominence of Voice Searches

Finally, in light of the recent Google search engine core ranking update, SEO experts like Jeff Barrett recommend ensuring your firm’s website facilitates searches by voice. A growing number of Internet visitors now conduct online activities verbally, without even touching a mouse or a keyboard. The growing prominence of computerized vehicles and personal automated assistants (like Siri and Amazon Alexa) possibly account for this developing trend. Millions of searches (at least 30%, according to some studies) occur with the assistance of voice commands. Companies hoping to achieve high page rankings for SEO purposes need to keep this important change in mind.

An Ongoing Effort

As an ever-increasing volume of pages compete for customer attention in cyberspace, firms do maintain a strong interest in achieving (or retaining) high page rankings. This capability constitutes bread-and-butter for many enterprises. An Atlanta SEO Consultant understands some companies require a steady stream of traffic in order to conduct business in the Digital Age.

Consider using these three key strategies: (1) create high quality websites; (2) obtain periodic user studies to test your sites; and (3), prepare your site to display well during voice activated searches. While excelling in these objectives won’t guarantee a specific ranking, it will assist you in attracting more traffic!

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