Combine Your PPC Campaign with Video Ads


PPC Campaign with Video AdsWhile it sounds complicated, combining a PPC campaign with video ads is an underused but profitable way to get customers. Most people know what YouTube is and frankly, watching videos is more entertaining to most of the population than reading text on a website or ad.

If you have a traditional PPC (paid per click) campaign and you want a change, adding in video ads is a great way to reach a bigger audience. The best way to do this is to create videos that have compacted information. It should be quick, interesting, direct, and to the point. The most important information should be first, so people continue to watch your add.

Put Your Ads on YouTube

If you are going to integrate videos into your PPC campaign, they need to be on your YouTube account. A paid search agency can help you get your campaign going once your videos are on the internet.

The Three Types of Ads

In-Stream ads are ads that play during a video. The video people are watching pauses while an add related to the plays. The viewer can skip the ad return to the video they are watching in five seconds.

In-Display ads are located in the column of the video watch page and are labeled as an ad.

An In-Search ad is displayed when someone searches for a specific keyword. They have to click the ad to watch it.

Regardless of which ads you choose, a video ad PPC campaign is not any harder than a text PPC campaign. Once you have your videos made, you will have the benefit of targeting the right demographics. This can lead to increased traffic to your website and ultimately be a success.

If you are struggling with a video PPC campaign, try looking at the information in your video and doing some research on what people in the demographic you target like to watch. If your video is interesting and good quality, it should only take a few adjustments here and there to find your market.

A good PPC campaign may take little bits of adjusting here and there, but the likelihood of leads watching your video could be greater than a traditional PPC campaign.

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