Optimizing Your Site for Voice Search!


Voice searchMore than ever before voice search is something people use on a daily basis. It is also a good place to start expanding your SEO strategy. Voice search is more conversational than typing, so it broadens the type of keywords or phrases that you can use in your content.

Ask a Question!

To optimize for people who use voice search, the best way is to search for the products or services on your site by testing it with voice search. The degree of seriousness for a customer is identified by the questions they ask when using voice search. Questions starting with who or what are usually questions customers ask for informational purposes. How and when questions are those that people ask for information, but they are also more likely to make a purchase. If a customer asks where something is, they are usually ready to make a purchase. This shows that local SEO is growing, and voice search is geared toward immediate results. Answering the right questions can help you determine the type of content you need to offer your customers.

If you have an e-commerce business without a local store, you can still find creative ways to use popular voice searches in your content. You may establish a blog or other content that answers how to do something. This can establish your presence online as an expert and help you acquire clients based on your knowledge of the subject.

Are You Mobile Friendly?

Luckily, Google has a test that will tell you if your site is mobile friendly or not. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, the test will tell you what you should do to get there. This is important because people using voice search and smartphones what to see the information fast and your site should offer it in a user-friendly way.

Scanning Your Site

Most voice search users scan headlines to find the information they want. This makes your headlines much more important for mobile device use. Concentrating on putting the important information in your headlines is important to keep customers on your site.


It is important to make it easy for users to be able to contact you. Your contact information should be bold and easy to find when people use voice search. A top SEO company can help you make sure that people can find you when using voice search.

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