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Voice Searching

Today, the optimization of company websites to accommodate voice searches sometimes sparks controversy. A web designer may recommend this change. Whether or not a business will benefit from investing in voice searching frequently hinges upon individual circumstances and available budgeting. However, some experts believe the recent Coronavirus Pandemic may renew interest in this type of online search.

About Internet Voice Searches

Voice searches inspire debate. Just a few years ago, many experts anticipated voice-controlled searching would predominate by 2020. Advances in this field occurred more slowly than some authorities predicted. Yet this technology offers undeniable advantages.

During a voice search, a visitor typically initiates an online search by speaking commands, instead of typing information into a search engine. Many people utilize virtual assistants, such as Amazon Alexa or Siri, to launch an online inquiry. During recent years, the quality of computer interfaces improved significantly. Voice searching does involve some drawbacks for many people, however.

Most online visitors easily scan a page of written web page listings in a search engine visually to make selections. Low ranking sites sometimes appear at the end of multiple pages of text entries. Yet obtaining access to lower ranked sites during an online voice search requires patience on the part of an inquirer. Not many people enjoy waiting while a virtual assistant lists lower ranked sites, for example. This situation may incline some businesses not to invest heavily in voice-search optimization.

Factors Contributing to an Interest in Voice Searching

What considerations prompt website owners and visitors to prefer voice searches? At least three trends likely contribute to this ongoing process:

1. A Desire to Provide Improved Online Access

One strong reason to optimize a company’s website for voice searching involves the desire to make the site more accessible to visually impaired visitors. Some people prefer this type of searching. It offers the convenience of obtaining rapid top-ranked website information in a verbal form.

2. Increased Infotainment Options in Vehicles

The rising popularity of Internet-optimized infotainment features in modern vehicles also inspires renewed interest in voice searching. Today, drivers frequently rely upon “hands free” search technologies while traveling. Drivers or passengers in a WiFi-connected vehicle may use a headset or a built-in microphone to ask Alexa, Siri, or other virtual assistants to conduct a quick online search to obtain useful information from the Internet.

3. The Coronavirus Pandemic

The recent Coronavirus Pandemic also inspired renewed interest in voice searching. Instead of touching a computer screen, online visitors simply issue voice commands to obtain helpful search information. Many brick-and-mortar storefronts now offer this option to customers.

A Two-Step Analysis

Some experts recommend anyone considering optimizing a website for voice searching first explore the underlying business model. Some types of companies enjoy greater benefits from this search mode than others. For example, today fast food outlets frequently discover advantages in creating optimized voice search profiles.

Two Key Voice Search Components

Optimizing a website for a voice search requires both speech recognition and speech synthesis. Errors frustrate online visitors. Site owners should strive to achieve effective searching capabilities for best results.

Obtaining Assistance Implementing Voice Search Optimization

Businesses in the Greater Atlanta Area contemplating investing in voice search optimization usually benefit by discussing this subject with an experienced local ecommerce developer. Many considerations enter into implementing this change. Yet in some cases, simply adding web pages that showcase well in voice searches offers a significant boost to a firm’s online profitability!

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