Mousetraps to Men’s Smart Tools: Top SEO Strategies from One Atlanta SEO Company


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Since the dawn of civilization, or maybe before, mice have sparred with men about where they should find their food, build their nests and raise their young. Men looked at that tiny creature and determined to create a trap to rid their domain of these invading pests.

At first, the mousetraps did their job, but over time, man had to recognize that mice were smarter than they first looked. So, man built a better mousetrap again, again and again.

So what do mousetraps have to do with a successful business website and SEO ranking? Glad you asked, man has moved on to greater and better inventions than the lowly mousetrap of yesteryear.

Mousetraps Repel Mice While SEO Loaded Websites Attract Web Surfers

Read on to learn why mousetraps and men’s smart tools have a connection that can transform how you develop and maintain a successful company website. Forget about building a better mousetrap that has the goal of keeping mice out of your living spaces.

Reverse that tired and ineffective mousetrap theology and focus on making your website popular. Learn the best SEO strategies to bait your webpages precisely to encourage a human-driven computer mouse to click on your links and to keep clicking on those links again and again and, yes, again.

Think of SEO as the Bait to Attract Visitors to a Website

A simple way to understand what SEO is and what it can do is to consider SEO as a bait that will entice web browsers to find your website faster.

Even better bait should be loaded into the website to encourage those Internet visitors to stay awhile and browse your company’s other offerings.

Keep reading to discover top SEO strategies from one successful Atlanta SEO company.

Proper SEO Will Draw Passerby Interest Long Enough to Become Curious

These secondary “bait” techniques should make good use of current SEO improvement strategies designed to encourage visitors to click the links embedded into your website design pages. Just like real mice, a human web surfer will be far more likely to stay on your site and investigate further if those click baits are of value to them in some manner.

Just like a small piece of cheese or peanut butter attracts a nearby mouse to come closer, your SEO related pathway click links should also reward prospective customers with something they desire. Sadly, most business websites do not have the right design format or effective SEO measures to perform this very doable feat.

Stop Using Outdated SEO Techniques in Favor of New & Proven SEO Methods

The average business website will not change much over time. This is a mistake that could cost a business in visitor traffic and potential customer interest and sales. Most of the time, the format of the web design was completed months or years ago.

Much the same as man has had to continue to update their mousetraps to get the savvy mouse, who has run this race before, to bite, a website must be dependent on current best SEO strategies and design elements.

Remember, a website needs to continue to reward their “mice” or customers on an ongoing basis. Otherwise, those customers will move on to greener and more profitable website pastures.

Consider Using the Services of an Expert Atlanta SEO Consultant

Any business website needs to be constantly analyzed and updated to ensure user friendly operation, greater and continued user interest and effective user rewards for clicking on the links and purchasing your company services and/or products again and again and again.

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