Organic SEO vs. Local SEO


8 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Conversion RatesEven if you use a top SEO company to rank your business on search engines, it is beneficial to understand SEO. Search engine optimization is the idea that you can integrate keywords into your website so that robots sent out by search engines will notice the keywords and rank your website when someone searches for that keyword.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is the process of making your website attractive to search engines. A website using organic SEO practices usually uses general terms such as ‘car parts’ or ‘health insurance.’ The best keywords for organic SEO are researched well so that they bring the website the most organic visitors.

Search engines rank websites based on relevant and valuable content. Essentially, the better the content on the website with specific keywords, the higher the rank on a search engine.

Local SEO

Local SEO is more specific than organic SEO. The keywords used in a website that caters to one area usually include the specified area or areas. An example of local SEO is ‘car parts in Orlando, Florida’ or ‘health insurance in Salt Lake City, Utah.’ The websites that have valuable or expert content and have a location in the specific area searched.

Combining the Two SEO Techniques

Many businesses have a local presence and offer sales or services online to the whole world. Combining local and organic SEO practices is a great way to draw in people to a brick and mortar location and an online store or website. To avoid the use of too many keywords on one page, you can use them in different areas of the website, such as a blog and a store. You may also want to use more of one technique than the other when you decide on your keywords.

If you don’t know which type of SEO is right for your business, consider trying one and then the other to test your rank. While this takes time, you may find the perfect combination or the one that is right for your business to grow.

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