5 Strategies to Keep your Website Users Coming Back


Getting new visitors to your business website can be challenging. With the high cost of acquiring them through paid ads or other channels, you need to create ways to bring those who have visited before back to your site. Repeat visitors will likely make a purchase and leave positive reviews that will bring more customers to your business. You can keep your visitors coming if you:

  • Offer a user-friendly experience
  • Reward your customers
  • Manage your visitors’ feedback
  • Create a social community
  • Update your site content

pillars of web designOffer a User-friendly Experience

The easiest way to bring visitors back to your website is by offering them a user-friendly experience when on the site. Ensure that your business site loads quickly and is easy to navigate. Have all the images optimized to reduce their size without compromising their quality.

You should also make your site beautiful to motivate your visitors to navigate and spend more time. Apply easy-to-read fonts and color themes to ensure it’s not dull. You should also offer users a site map and use color contrasts to allow the CTAs to look unique.

Reward your Customers

Rewarding your customers for being loyal is a great incentive to bring them back to your website. You can reward them through free shipping, discounts, or a points scheme. The reward system makes the customers feel appreciated and develop ownership of your business.

Whether using social media, SMS marketing, or email marketing, encourage existing and new customers to come by giving them exclusive offers, first access to new products or services, events, and many more incentives.

Manage your Visitors’ Feedback

It’s always good to address your customers by addressing their positive or negative feedback. Celebrate the positive reviews and address the concerns given in the negative ones. Thank your customers for the positive feedback or reviews on your site.

For negative feedback, address the issues raised and use the feedback to make improvements for higher customer satisfaction. Customers are always happy to see their issues addressed, which is a great way to make them repeat customers. Make it simple for customers to communicate with you through chats or phone.

Create a Social Community

Your website users need to interact, engage, connect with others and also give comments. You can generate more and retain visitors by turning your site into a community where visitors can make their contributions.

Allow users to comment on a forum, which is a great way to encourage them to come back and check for responses provided by others. Create a follow button as you add social media links to your website. This ensures that users get continuous exposure to your business.

Update your Site Content

Updating your website with new content encourages visitors to come back to learn more. Keep your site fresh with new blog content and news related to your business. Always include the date of your posts so your visitors can quickly find the new updates.

You attain the set goals quickly by having your customers return to your website. With a high number of loyal customers, it’s easy to attract new ones. The above strategies are easy and cost-effective to apply regardless of your business size.

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