Become a One-Person Marketing Firm by Tracking These 7 Pieces of Data


Marketing has always been about collecting as much data as possible. It allows advertisers to know when, where, and how to implement their strategies in order to reach not just a wide audience but the right audience too.

It may seem like a job for a large team of people, but if you know exactly which pieces of data are most important there’s no reason professional marketing can’t be done by a single person. All you need is focus, commitment, and the proper knowledge.

Marketing Data

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is how often a user visits your website and immediately leaves. They don’t click through to other pages, and they don’t spend any considerable amount of time on the website. This is due to an uninteresting or complex landing page. A high bounce rate means you need to rethink your landing page. Make information easier to see, make the content more engaging, and even change your layout completely.

Click-through Rate

This is the opposite of bounce rate, and it shows that your visitors are going beyond the landing page and visiting other parts of your website. Typical click-through rate is surprisingly low. Many companies struggle to have even a 5% click-through rate.

Completion Percentage

This is one of the big ones. This statistic shows that website visitors are clicking your call to action and completing the consultation form or making a purchase. This stat shows that your methods are working.

Cost per Acquisition

This is probably the most difficult one to track. You need to examine how much you spend on advertising methods and determine if it’s worth it based on how many new customers you’ve created.

Customer Lifetime Value

This is the measurement of how long someone stays your customer. Longevity is key in many businesses, and one longtime customer is more important than 20 one-time purchasers. Focus your efforts on making customers come back for more if you don’t have many long-term customers.

Comments and Questions

Comments, questions, shares, and likes are an important aspect of digital marketing. You should spend some time answering questions posted online if you think it will benefit your business.

Your Time

Time isn’t free. It can be spent doing productive things that will benefit your future. Don’t think of time as a free resource. Instead, think of time as an investment and monitor what you do with your time.

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