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Employee Invovement

Marketing strategies are always changing. Branding, advertising, and marketing evolve alongside every aspect of our lives. As soon as a new trend or piece of technology develops, marketing strategies are sure to follow.

This is especially true today. Companies are not only competing against one another to grab the attention of potential customers, but they are competing against entertainment and other types of media as well. Social media has put information at everyone’s fingertips, and it is no easy task to get new eyes on your product or business.

Involving your workforce in social media and advertising is a great way to generate feedback, get eyes on your product, and create a level of intimacy between your marketing and potential customers.

What we know

The Wasp Barcode 2017 State of Small Business Report gave us valuable insight into advertising when it comes to small businesses. They surveyed over 1,000 business owners and executives and found some interesting data. 34% of companies are using an exclusive social media for all of their advertising needs. 27% of businesses are using both personal accounts and business accounts. 16% use only their personal account. An unbelievable 23% of small businesses don’t use social media at all.

Despite the majority of businesses only utilizing a business account, the survey found that social media buzz is best generated by personal accounts. Personal accounts are less intrusive, generate more community involvement, and are simply more trustworthy than paid advertisements and business accounts.

Employee Involvement

Personal accounts are 8x more likely to create engagement than business accounts. Now imagine how much community engagement you’re generating if you have all of your employees post about your business just once or twice a week.

Your employees aren’t your brand. They may work for you, but when it’s all said and done, they are just people. Personal accounts are more trustworthy due to this. People are more likely to trust a peer’s judgment and suggestions when compared to a brand page that is simply advertising what it has to offer.

Not only is employee participation an effective way to advertise on social media, but it’s completely free as well. You won’t have to make it a necessity for employees to advertise either. Many of them will be happy to post the occasional advertisement if you ask. Employee participation is a great way to save money, increase brand recognition, create community engagement, and save money on your advertising budget.

Facebook is King

Other social media, especially Instagram, can benefit greatly from employee advertising, but Facebook is definitely king. It’s the biggest social media platform in the world, and it has people from all walks of life. Simply put, Facebook is where people go to check up on friends and family, to participate in real discussions, and where they go to get opinions on products, brands, and services.

This doesn’t mean other social media platforms should be ignored. A broad approach is often considered best. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube make for great advertising platforms as well.

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