4 Reasons Why Ecommerce Websites Increasingly Use AI Customer Support


AI Customer Support

Ecommerce website developers who closely follow new trends observe the growing popularity of AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems as components of leading marketing websites. Savvy Atlanta Ecommerce Website Development teams monitor this practice with keen interest. Utilizing AI in customer support initially yielded poor results. Yet today, significant improvements in this technology suggest robotic customer support services represent the future in this specialized field. Consider just four of the advantages AI supplies as a customer support tool:

One: Provide Customer Support Cost-Effectively on a 24/7 Basis

One reason to rely on AI-driven customer support technologies relates to the cost-effectiveness of automation. These components allow website owners to render customer care services around the clock. The 24/7 aspect of this assistance holds particular appeal for many multi-national businesses.

Today, small companies in Atlanta possess the opportunity to market internationally, too. Careful Ecommerce website design and development helps assist this process. Site developers must consider the site owner’s unique business plan and services carefully in crafting commercial websites.

Two: Notify Customers About Goods And Services Proactively

Some companies rely upon AI components in Ecommerce sites to help them notify prospective customers about sales events based upon their visits to the site. This practice appeals to many marketers. The use of AI and database technology assists websites in noting a customer’s possible interest in specific products.

Marketers can use this information to send notices to casual site visitors about sales or incentives involving their interests. This capability may ultimately increase revenues. It harnesses advances business intelligence harvesting capabilities.

Three: Use Predictive Analytics For Customization Purposes

Currently, some sites also rely upon AI predictive analytics to help personalize shopping. While not all Ecommerce marketers adopt this approach, a growing number show visitors goods and services they surmise hold the most interest for them. Some customers appreciate this automated customization without realizing their browsing history impacts the process significantly.

For example, a large commercial site might showcase women’s exercise equipment to a customer who searched for this category of products recently. Another visitor might see a different storefront entry page view based upon different interests. AI-driven sites read cookies.

Four: Employ Intelligent Chatbots

Many early generations of chatbots failed to impress customers. These script-driven interfaces often caused more challenges in customer service than they resolved. Today, the rise of deep learning technologies allows developers to create far more intelligent bots to provide meaningful, useful customer assistance in cyberspace. Snafus do sometimes occur in robotic systems, of course. For example, consider a news media report about Amazon Alexa dutifully ordering costly toys and cookies at the behest of a six-year old, without assuring parental permission for the purchases first. In 2016, a Microsoft’s AI Twitter chatbox, to the consternation of its development team, began using vulgar and racist expressions it overheard online. Yet overall, the technology has made remarkable strides during recent years.

One feature of the latest generation of AI chatbots pertains to their ability to request human customer service intervention at appropriate points in a dialogue. Instead of repetitively reformulating an incomprehensible inquiry, many sophisticated modern chatbots seamlessly transfer the customer to a human agent. This process expedites service and promotes more positive sales experiences, while still permitting site owners to minimize labor costs. Public relations setbacks associated with many earlier computerized chatbot generations will likely become a distant memory as the awesome power of automated AI bots develops at a rapid pace.

An Evolving Use For AI

During the next few years, ongoing improvements in robotics and automation make the continued prominence of AI inevitable. Leading Atlanta Ecommerce Website Design firms track progress in this emerging field with considerable interest. As AI chatbots, databases, and real-time predictive analytical capabilities continue improving, more Ecommerce sites will likely rely on this important technology!

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