7 Top Tips To Obtain More Ecommerce Store Sales


If you own an Ecommerce store, it’s obvious that your main goal is to sell as much product as possible. To do this, it helps if you employ a number of persuasion techniques so that you can get your customers into the mindset of buying. Here’s a list of the top 7 techniques that will create more sales for your store.

  1. More Ecommerce Store Sales Scarcity Triggers Urgency 
    One trick that you can use to persuade customers to purchase your products is to indicate that you only have a limited quantity left in your inventory. When customers know that there are only a few items left to buy, it triggers scarcity and urgency. If a person viewing one of your products sees that it is almost out of stock, they become more likely to purchase that product so that they don’t miss out.
  2. The Reciprocity Obligation 
    Have you ever received something from an acquaintance and felt like you have to return the favor? That’s reciprocity. You can create that same feeling with your customers by giving them something of value. In doing so, they feel obligated to pay you back for the value that you have given them. You can do this by offering a product with an irresistible low-price or a steep discount for first-time buyers.
  3. Stay Consistent 
    Potential buyers will become loyal customers when you get them committed to your brand. You can do this by staying consistent with your message and attracting like-minded customers. This can be done by having them sign up for your email list or giving them a free resource. This commits them in a small way and may lead to a larger commitment from them. Promote sharing on your social sites so that their commitment becomes even deeper.
  4. Give Them Social Proof 
    Humans are more likely to move forward if they’ve seen that another human has made a move first. Social proof is a strong indicator that your products are trustworthy and reputable. You can create social proof by including testimonials, reviews and ratings on your product page. A great technique is to indicate how many people have recently made a purchase.
  5. The Likeness Factor 
    People are going to be more likely to buy from your store when they resonate with your brand. This can be created with the Magento or WooCommerce platform by the design you use and the voice that’s used for your copywriting. It’s best to keep your design simple yet elegant. You want to include high quality images of your products and prominent calls to action. You can create this design yourself or get help from a professional design team who has experience creating elegant sites.
  6. Utilize Price Anchoring 
    The first price that a potential customer sees plays a large role in their decision to purchase a product. When you anchor their thoughts to a price that is higher than a discounted price that you are currently offering, it makes people think that they are getting a deal. Put a fat slash through a regular listed price, indicate a discounted price and let people know how much they are going to save.
  7. Point The Way 
    A design that flows and creates a path for potential customers to follow will create more sales in the long run. You can do this by creating visual cues that direct your visitors in the direction that you want. Ask questions and provide answers in areas that keep the eyes of your visitors moving. Typically, with newer designs, you’ll want to take potential customers down the page to prominent calls to action.

Follow these techniques and you will soon see an increase in your sales and more money in your account.

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