B(e) EPIC: Web Design Principles to Help Optimize Ecommerce Sales


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Today, businesses in the Atlanta Area frequently rely upon assistance from a skilled web designer in crafting high traffic websites. The global coronavirus pandemic during 2020 surprised many analysts. In some nations, it spurred online purchasing dramatically.

Unanticipated Ecommerce Growth During 2020

Indeed, experts surmise the COVID-19 crisis ultimately will accelerate the growth of worldwide ecommerce marketplaces. One report projects the pandemic may expand global online purchasing this year to reach milestones not anticipated previously until 2024 at the earliest. It expects the rapid pace of growth to produce permanent changes.

Placing a Premium on Excellent Website Design

If accurate, these projects suggest many commercial websites now face greater competition during 2021. The willingness of more consumers to purchase goods and services over the Internet will likely hold long-term consequences. Already, many Georgia-based enterprises compete in Cyberspace with other companies as they work to attract new customers. These marketing challenges will likely remain pervasive if large numbers of merchants place a greater emphasis upon online retailing next year.

Five Vital Design Principles

Applying five important principles helps businesses create more appealing (and effective) ecommerce sites. The acronym “B(e) EPIC” helps site owners remember these essential ingredients for a successful retail site. Consider tailoring a commercial website to include these key components:

1. B(e) = Branding

Creating a website provides a merchant with a wonderful opportunity to reinforce branding. Ensure every element of your site design conforms with your website brand. For example, a company marketing toys for children typically maintains a very different ambiance than one specializing in the sale of high dollar jewelry. A skilled site designer employs variable layouts, themes, and colors in creating these two disparate commercial websites. Experienced marketers recommend reinforcing brand colors, logos, and key features on a consistent basis.

2. E = Eye-catching

Another basic design principle relates to the use of an appealing presentation. Creating a harmonious balance between text, graphics, and unused background space holds value. Ensure visitors easily access the information you supply on your website; ideally, they should enjoy lingering on these attractively designed webpages.

3. P = Photography

Yet a third important principle relates to the provision of images. Poor quality photos or videos cause some online visitors to search elsewhere. For example, if you seek to market shoes, most buyers prefer to view clear pictures of the product and the available selections. Posting a generic, blurred picture of similar items might even result in returned merchandise.

4. I = Intuitive

Variations in customer age demographics sometimes impact site navigation today. For instance, younger consumers usually grew up clicking a mouse and surfing across the Internet. To numerous seniors, navigating through Cyberspace today proves relatively unfamiliar. Try and ensure your website offers easily comprehended navigational features so visitors don’t struggle to locate the information of interest to them.

5. C = Call-to-action

Customers appreciate easily identified calls to action. No one enjoys engaging with goods or services on a commercial website, only to discover the site designer completely failed to furnish clear instructions for placing an order. Prospective buyers who cannot ascertain how to complete a sales transaction may simply decide to patronize other sites. Try and make the checkout process secure, seamless, and easy to locate!

Obtain Expert Assistance

To ensure your websites adhere to optimal design principles, consider consulting with an experienced Atlanta Ecommerce Website Design team for Ecommerce Website. Professionals who work full-time in this highly competitive industry offer valuable assistance. They help clients optimize commercial websites!

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