E-commerce Customer Service Best Practices Can Drive Your Business


Many times, a business owner focuses on the quality of the brand they supply a customer and put e-commerce customer service best practices on the back burner. Customer service becomes something that ends up playing catch-up with sales. Training on customer service for the brand should coincide with the ecommerce web designer doing the work to get the brand live.


E-commerce Customer Service Best Practices

Customer service training is important for the livelihood of a business. Many customers will leave if they love the product or service, but they hate the customer service. An e-commerce website that supplies no way for a customer to talk to a person or find out how to help themselves will not be a pleasant experience for the customer. If a customer has a terrible experience, they will go elsewhere for a similar product or service. Yet, customers will stay with a company if the customer service is great!

Training is particularly important for people answering calls and fixing problems. If the people answering customer service calls or chats can’t fix problems for customers, this is bad customer service. A customer wants to be able to be listened to and have the problem fixed without having to communicate with several people and be on hold for prolonged periods of time. The solution is to make sure training and the ability to fix a problem with an order is available to everyone that deals with a customer’s issue.

Social Media Can Make or Break a Business

Word of mouth and social media will affect an e-commerce business’s success or failure. This happens because everything is fast on the internet. The word about customer service with a brand can have an impact within hours. It may not be this fast for every business online, but the possibility is very real.


Customers want quick solutions! Providing them with the ability to reach a solution fast is an essential element of e-commerce customer service best practices. Having a phone number, chat, FAQ page, and responsive social media gives a customer several ways to access the help they need quickly.


Reputation is important to any business with a presence on the internet. It is important to have someone respond to all customer service issues online and fix the issues for the customer. This shows other social media followers that the business takes care of issues and cares about their customers.

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