5 Tips to Get the Most Bang For Your Buck From Google AdWords


Google AdwordsGoogle Adwords is an excellent tool for advertising, but it can get costly to use if you use the default settings. A pay-per-click campaign is effective, but costs can add up quickly, especially if you’re getting traffic that isn’t relevant to your content. You can cut spending and still capture relevant customers using these five Adwords management tips.

  1. Negative Keywords
    AdWords is handy because you can select which words, when someone searches, will not show your ads so you can distance yourself from certain topics. Using negative keywords eliminates traffic from individuals who aren’t looking for what you offer. Since you’re paying per click, you don’t want people to click the ad if they have no interest in your business. Take a look at which keywords are driving traffic to your site, and add any that seem irrelevant to your negative keywords list.
  2. Modified Broad Match
    Google wants as many people to see your ad as possible, and might show your ad using keywords that are similar to your primary ones. Add a “+” sign to indicate that both words need to be present, not only one, to reduce the chances of capturing irrelevant traffic that ads to your costs without any benefits.
  3. Optimize for Mobile
    Enable the setting to optimize your ads for mobile viewers. Add valuable links to allow visitors to call or get directions by tapping the option. Mobile users have different needs than those on desktop computers, such as the option to make a phone call or download an app.
  4. Narrow the Targeting
    Another tool you have at your disposal is to limit your ads to specific users based on:

    • Location – Utilize geo-targeting to show your ads to individuals in your relevant geographic area and limit exposure to those who aren’t in your service area
    • Timing – Put more bids into the days and hours that your business operates. Reduce bids for times when you’re closed such as late at night or on the weekends, depending on the field you’re in.
  5. Analyze Conversion Tracking
    One of the simplest things you can do is to turn on conversion tracking. You’ll be able to see what is bringing people to your site, and learn how to improve your advertising strategy. Taking the time to target your advertising leads to more clicks that actually result in conversions, so don’t skimp out on this aspect.


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