Google Shopping and PPC: How to Succeed


Google shopping provides a simple enough approach to marketing for both small and larger business owners. Proprietors simply upload products to a Google Merchant Center feed, connecting with Adwords. Eventually, those product images and prices will begin to comprise Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Entrepreneur’s starting on Google Shopping are advised to watch a video tutorial on Adwords, which walks users through setting up campaigns and getting started all in under 5 minutes. With the right marketing and SEO strategies in place, Google Shopping can be an extremely effective means of increasing e-commerce and PPC sales.

PPC management Program for MarketingThe only problem with utilizing Google Shopping is that users aren’t given complete control. Millions have, undoubtedly, been spent through this service without turning any sort of profit. Google PPC (pay-per-click) works on a keyword bidding basis, where ads will show up in SERPs only when users search for those keywords. Google Shopping records product information from titles, as well as relevant information from associated websites, but search terms really help drive traffic. This can both help and hinder online presence. By following these guidelines, sellers and entrepreneurs can avoid the many pitfalls associated with PPC and Google Shopping.

Content Optimization

All content, including product titles, on a page, should be sufficiently optimized to promote SEO efforts. Not only should content be optimized to appear in search results, but it should also be unique and of higher quality than simply a string of keywords and backlinks.


Nothing is worse than giant dumps of products, content or information on the internet. These are annoying to both users as well as search engine crawlers. Most search engines will consider pages with massive amounts of content thrown together spam or trash: low-quality pages. Google Shopping product pages should ideally be segmented by price, brand and any other information vital to a product’s general description.

Smart Bidding

Keyword bidding should always be strategized with product’s price and margin for profit firmly in mind. Take the price of any product and divide it by the profit margin. If click conversions surpass the price, entrepreneurs will likely make a profit. Consult a qualified SEM consultant for more advice regarding keyword bidding and PPC advertising.

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