Is Your PPC Landing Page Working Well?


Many times, a pay per click landing page is neglected because the emphasis is on marketing and drawing clients in, rather than the page a lead views. The landing page is seen as the last step by many instead of one of the most important steps. While landing pages serve a purpose, they need to be carefully coordinated to make sure they give the right information in the proper tone.

PPC Program for MarketingConvincing the Lead

A lead can be convinced to download, send, or buy something without a direct question. “Please buy this now!” won’t convert a lot of leads. Offering to teach the reader something they want to know is a lot less abrasive and helps build trust.

Consider Your Audience

The target for your PPC ads should be the same as the target for your landing page. If your target is a CEO for your landing page, but an administrator for your ads, you may have the wrong audience.

Simply Promote

Breaking up what you want to convey or promote into small bits of information is easy to read. Leads should know what you are trying to promote and know what it solves. Testimonials help readers understand if a product will work well for them or not.

Answer Questions

Sometimes a paid search agency will include an FAQ section to help readers answer the questions they have about a product. This saves consumers time looking through reviews or asking questions off-site.

Brand Awareness

If people don’t know about your brand, they are less likely to trust it. Social media is a wonderful way to get people to notice the product or service your PPC landing page offers. Some people hire influencers to get the word out quickly, so they can gain a steady flow of leads.

Does Content Flow Well?

If you send your users to a different website, does it flow well with the content on your landing page? It is important for the subject(s) to flow well so your leads stay engaged with the product or service.


Limit or get rid of ads, pop-ups, and instant audio. This irritates most users and they tend to leave the page. A chat button, rather than one that pops up instantly is helpful and less obtrusive.

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