Pay Per Click Ad Keywords: Commercial Intent Impacts Pricing


Commercial Intent Impacts Pricing

Today, enterprises in Georgia discover numerous benefits in consulting with an Atlanta Google AdWords expert before launching new pay-per-click (“PPC”) advertising campaigns. Taking this step helps many firms develop highly cost-effective online ads. It may also offer valuable assistance by highlighting the importance of underlying commercial intent as a key factor impacting ad pricing.

About Pay-per-click

Atlanta businesses purchasing Internet ads widely rely upon PPC campaigns today. Essentially, an enterprise pays only for online ads that cause potential customers to click on the advertisement. A prospect typically reveals some level of interest in the advertiser’s message by taking this action. While a small percentage of ads do generate random or accidental “clicks,” for the most part, PPC promotions reach a willing audience.

Two Important PPC Benefits

A pay-per-click advertising campaign supplies the advertising enterprise with two very significant advantages. First, since completely disinterested prospects rarely click on ads intentionally, a PPC campaign enjoys greater cost-effectiveness than many other forms of marketing. For example, a high percentage of readers may completely ignore a print ad in a newspaper. Yet companies must pay for viewers who potentially see the ad in print, regardless of whether anyone reading the contents chooses to learn more about the advertised goods and services, or not.

Second, a PPC campaign enables advertisers to track the performance of the ad with ease. In the case of Google Ads, advertisers receive a formal quality score to assist in the calculation of the total costs per click and the determination of the ad ranking for specific keywords. The quality score adheres to a 1 through 10 scale. The higher the figure, the more “relevant” the ad and the landing page prove to prospective prospects.

Evaluating The Ad Quality Score

The ad quality score helps advertisers obtain useful feedback about their ad campaigns in the view of many experts. Reportedly, except in the case of keywords actually containing brand names, a commercial keyword only very rarely receives a perfect score of 10. Instead, a quality score between 7 and 9 denotes a highly cost-effective, pertinent ad of interest to prospective customers. While only an estimate, the quality score potentially assists an advertiser in determining the cost-effectiveness of the “clicks” on its ads.

Commercial Intent as a Pricing Factor

Allen Finn draws a distinction between keywords deemed rich in commercial intent and keywords geared mainly towards navigational or informational purposes. In general, a high commercial intent relates to the willingness of a prospect to convert to the role of a customer. This difference mimics the contrasts in the behavior of people querying search engines.

For example, someone considering purchasing a new vehicle in a few years might search for general information “about SUVs.” Yet a prospective customer anxious to make a purchase this week would probably hunt for “SUVs for sale now.” In general, the stronger the expression of commercial intent, the more expensive the PPC ad.

Obtain Expert Assistance

Companies formulating PPC campaigns in Georgia frequently seek the services of a knowledgeable Atlanta Google Ads consultant. The PPC advertisements urging viewers to take an affirmative step towards entering into a transaction tends to use call to action appeals. For example, an ad might urge a customer to “buy this widget”, “vote for” a candidate, or “choose the best” local delivery service. The degree of commercial intent expressed in the ad keywords ultimately factors into the competition for the use of the keywords (and, ultimately, for the price of the ad).

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