Sneak Peak Into the New AdWords Interface


Change is inevitable at Google, and the latest change is coming to the AdWords user interface. It’s expected to be available to everyone sometime during the first half of 2018. You might find it hard to adjust to the new interface at first, but take your time to look at the pros and cons of the new design before immediately rejecting it.

Pros of the new interface

Doubledome PPCThe AdWords management interface got a new facelift with the recent update. It’s more aesthetically appealing and has a brighter, more engaging appearance. The dashboard alerts are more obvious in informing you about performance changes that are worth noting. The home tab received a facelift and is more attractive to the eye. Users of the new interface can utilize promotion extensions, which give you a bit of an advantage over your competitors who don’t have access to this tool.

The version also introduces new features like the audience manager, which allows you to create a campaign targeting those who have interacted with your site. Other new features include creating showcase shopping ads, ad variations to test multiple versions until you find one that works, and better tracking tools to integrate your data with related programs like Google Analytics.

Cons of the new interface

No change would be complete without some criticism. You need to reset all of your columns instead of Google porting over your current ones to the new interface. This can be time consuming and make it frustrating to get set up and using the new tools. Some columns are irrelevant to your needs, and you’ll need to modify yours to get back to the set up you had before if you liked it better. The graph that shows ad information is excessively large and wastes a lot of valuable space on the page.

Another change you’ll face is a notification that your change has been saved. It can be daunting to deal with when making many changes at once. Some might like the new look because it’s polished, but it defeats the purpose of AdWords being a platform for working in place of something that just looks nice. New features and changes can contribute to the experience, but smashing too much into one release creates confusion and frustration for everyone. Whether you’re fond of the new interface or think that it should’ve been left alone, it would serve you well to get used to the new interface so you can maximize its capabilities.

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