Use Call Bid Adjustments to Kick up your Call Volume


Ads that allow consumers just to click the ad to call a business were introduced to the Internet not too long ago, only seven years. It makes sense that you’d use this opportunity to encourage inbound calling from interested and potential customers. Calls are three times as likely to convert to sales or service than basic web clicks, which shouldn’t be all that surprising.

Call Bid AdjustmentsGoogle is helping you generate even more calls with call bid adjustments. These give you the capability to determine how frequently visitors receive the call option on the search ads they see. Utilize the feature to increase bids for your ad campaigns that are more likely to encourage customers to call.

It can be more beneficial for interested individuals to call your business because you can sell the product or serve you originally intended, and have the chance to up-sell with related services or products. If you’re a cell phone retailer, you might want to speak directly with customers to encourage them to purchase a phone with better features or enroll them in a warranty program. A higher bid will show call options more often and give you an advantage over the competition.

Stephanie Christensen, a paid acquisition analyst from ExtraSpace Storage, stated that using the feature allows the business to be one of the top advertisements users see. It’s important to let customers know the basics right away without requiring them to search around. Today’s society is impatient and will typically jump to a different provider if they have to look too hard for prices, service, or location. This Atlanta AdWords consultant mentions that they’ve seen a 37 percent increase in call volume by utilizing the feature.

This isn’t unique to storage units. Matt Guerrieri, director of marketing for the Medical Guardian Medical Alert Systems, mentions that customers want to talk to a real person so they know that the product they’re selecting meets their needs. Talking to a real person gives them guidance. Implementing the changes increased call volume by 20 percent while cutting costs by over 60 percent.

The call bid adjustment feature is going to be available only in the new AdWords experience. It will be available to all advertisers before the end of the year. The help center includes more information about AdWords calls solutions if it is a concept that can assist with driving your business’s success.

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