How to Survive Google Panda Updates


Surviving Goole Panda Updates smGoogle has implemented its latest update with some unpopular results. Google calls it “Panda”, but it’s also known in the media as “Farmer”. This most recent update has caused some problems with many sites. In fact, many websites have found that they are listed far below their former search engine rankings. It’s essential that you maintain or improve your status, even in light of the most recent changes.

It is important to know what has changed within Google to make some of the sites go down in the ratings. One of the most important things that Google looks at when rating a site is content. In general, the better the content, the higher the ratings. You’ll also want to ensure that the ad to content ratio is high. When it dips too low, you’ll lose ratings points. Google is now more concerned with these features as well as the quality of content on your site.

To make sure that your site is still high in the search engine rankings, keep a few things in mind. Make sure that you review the content on your site. Opt for the best content that you can afford. Don’t settle for reworked junk or copied materials since these won’t get you anywhere. Look at the content yourself. It should be readable by humans and should provide some interesting and useful information for the readers.

If you’re suffering from reduced rankings, look at the ad to content ratio you’re running on your site. It’s better to reduce the number of ads to improve ratings than to run more ads. In the long run, you’ll gain more customers and profit with improved rankings. Remove poor quality pages from your site completely or add better high quality content to all the pages. Finally, add the use of social media networking to improve your rankings.

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