Five Tried-and-Tested Ways to Automate Website Support


Automating customer support makes it easier for webmasters to manage their business. This process involves the use of Artificial Intelligence, which includes tagging tickets and routing queries among others. Automation reduces the chances of making errors and reduces the time you spend managing the website. Here are five ways to automate your online WordPress maintenance service:

Automate Website Support

Create a Knowledge Base

Automation means that customers can get answers without your direct involvement. Although a knowledge base does not use any automation tools, it minimizes the work you do as a webmaster. Clients who land on your website will want to get answers immediately without having to wait for several minutes. This is where a knowledge base comes in.

Automated Ticket Routing

Ticket routing directs your clients to a specific department. When you adopt ticket routing, you are able to offer exceptional service. When a client writes a question, the automation software sends them to a specific service or product page, or department.

Canned Responses

Live chat is one of the best customer support features. You can use it to handle the requests of different customers without typing a thing. You can use canned responses, which are messages designed to serve as quick replies and save time. They prevent the service representatives from being repetitive, reduce typos, and ensure the customer rep has less to handle. You may sound like a robot with these messages, so you need to use the saved responses without going too far. Your canned responses can be long or short and can include links to your knowledge base.

These canned responses can be used for greetings, ending a chat, clarifying an answer to a question, talking about the features of a product, admitting a mistake, or transferring the customer to different support staff.


When a customer does not read a message, you need to follow up with another message. Set features, such as “resend if unseen” and then set the timing for the resend. You also need ways to gather feedback with methods, such as chat rating surveys, social media, and email and contact forms.

Use a Chatbot

A chatbot is a simple way to give quick answers to your customers. Chatbots can engage your customers proactively. They are able to track the pages that customers visit and the time they spent on the website. You can set these bots to ask questions to customers and engage them in conversations. When you have them as part of your WooCommerce support services, you will gather data better and pre-qualify requests.

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