Offline Marketing Is Critical to Successful Websites


Unless you’ve just invented something that no one else can sell, what you do offline is crucial to the success of your small business website. Here are 5 offline suggestions for getting your website noticed.Offline Marketing

1. All marketing materials should proudly display your website’s URL for additional information. This includes business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, flyers, folders and fax coversheets.

2. If you have a phone system that uses an automated attendant, don’t forget to let your customer and prospects know about information located on your website.

3. Issue press releases on your site and to the news wires. This gives prospects and current customer an idea as to how well you’re doing. They are also great content for search engine crawlers.

4. If you write a guest column or a feature article related to your industry, make sure to mention your website with your contact information. Even your email address will have the URL after the @ sign.

5. Promote your website offline on any of your vehicles, billboards, license plate frames, Yellow Page ads, other printed ads, T-shirts, and any schwag you hand out.

Only time will tell, but our guess is that targeted keyword research and effective search engine optimization will become more critical as people learn to search differently over time.

P.S. When interviewed on the radio or television, plan to mention your website URL. Don’t just say, “On my website …” without mentioning the URL.

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