The Color of Success


A successful website may have a lot to do with colors! Web design is all about getting the right feeling out to the viewers. Colors are the biggest part of conveying how the brand should make a visitor feel. Whether it is calm or excited about a brand, choosing the right colors is necessary to gain the trust of your visitors and turn them into clients.

Color and Gender

If you have a web designer make you a website that sells clothing for women, using colors that women love is important. Blue, purple, and green attract women the most. While orange, gray, and brown are the worst colors to attract women.

Men tend to be drawn to blue, green and black. The colors men dislike the most are brown, orange, and purple. If you have a brand that sells mostly products that men would like, using the proper colors can convert visitors into sells.

The Power of Blue

Blue is the colors of trust. If you market to the whole public, using blue is a good general color. It is also the most appealing color for both genders. You really can’t go wrong with blue as the primary color of your website. Most of the leading websites use blue as a main or secondary color to convert visitors into leads or customers.

Earth Friendly

Products that are earth friendly are portrayed well with green. Green is also a good color for products that are about the outdoors. This color is attractive to both men and women and gives websites a fresh and environmentally positive feel. A brand that wants to promote itself as a “green” brand should use the color to attract those that want to help the environment or lessen their footprint. Pictures of products with different shades of green in the background keep the color as a focal point for an e-commerce website.

The best colors to use for web design are blue and green. If you have a brand like cosmetics or men’s apparel, incorporating the other colors that attract genders will help break up your website and keep it interesting. Consider the popular colors when picking colors for pictures, text, logo, and navigation buttons.

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