Three Important Tips For Using Color in Web Design


Using colors in web design

Today, a skilled Atlanta Web Designer appreciates the vital advantages of using colors effectively in cyberspace. Selecting the best shades to help showcase your website holds significant aesthetic and marketing benefits. It may even boost conversion rates.

Psychologists for many years have recognized the importance of color schemes in influencing consumer behavior, for example. These impacts prove especially pronounced in digital settings. Consider using three crucial color selection tips to help enhance your website:

1. Appreciate The Symbolism of Each Color

Web designers recognize the profound effects colors exert upon human behavior. Many studies demonstrate different physiological results from exposing test subjects to “hot” or “cold” hues, for instance. Viewing a warm color like red increases the heart rate (and the appetite) in some people. By contrast, cooler shades like green tend to promote relaxation and tranquility. It may prove important to select colors for your web pages with specific symbolic values in mind.

One illustration involves the creation of effective websites for specific businesses. Due to connotations between the color white and virtue and sanitation in Western cultures, many medical providers employ white extensively on their websites. It suggests a clean health care setting. Physicians, podiatrists, and dentists all frequently discover marketing benefits in using this color extensively online.

By contrast, black carries a more sophisticated, much edgier quality. Sites offering luxury perfumes or designer labels often utilize black extensively on their splash pages. Drawing stark contrasts between black and white proves highly effective in marketing some upscale, trendy fashions.

2. Use Color Wheels

Currently, four out of every five people indicate they rely upon colors to help them identify different brands. Studies demonstrate consumers in large numbers tend to prefer certain shades, while holding a few others in outright disfavor. Differences in these preferences exist between individuals, and even between men and women.

However, the majority of men and women report loving shades of green and blue. This finding proves significant for web page designers. One study indicates visitors form an overall impression of an unfamiliar website or product within the brief span of 90 seconds. In the majority of cases, they base their initial reaction upon the colors the site displays. Fully 52% of Internet visitors won’t revisit a website they consider unattractive. If web page designers use poor color combinations, they risk losing potential customers.

Website creators need to pay close attention to the use of complementary or contrasting colors, too. Some designers recommend the use of a color wheel to help select optimal combinations of two, three, or four aesthetic recurring shades. Yet take precautions not to combine “hot” and “cold” hues in ineffective or jarring ways.

3. Influence Conversion Rates Based on Color Effects

If your website attracts visitors, yet fails to convert them into customers, you may find it useful to revisit key web page design elements. Possibly the colors of some site features fail to inspire a desired response. This issue proves especially critical in online marketing situations.

For example, given the strong association between “hot” shades and physical activity, even a mismatch in the color of a button used to cue “purchase now” might actually contribute to poor conversion rates. Most sites feature bright red “place order” buttons for good reason. That color stimulates action!

Obtain Experienced Design Assistance

If businesses experience challenges crafting effective web page visual design schemes, it proves useful to seek professional assistance. A Web Design Agency that creates online sites full-time may offers valuable input in making effective color selections.

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