Understanding Search Intent


When working with an SEO expert, it’s important to consider search intent during the keyword research phase of your plan. When users search for something on Google, Google provides the best possible results it can based on what it determines the user’s intent was. Some users will begin their search fairly vague, but if Google does not give them the results they were looking for, then the user will start the search again with more specific terms.

For example, if a user searches for “wedding rings” are they looking for online retailers or local jewelry stores that sell wedding rings? And more specifically, are they looking for wedding bands for men, or engagement or wedding rings for women? Google will give a variety of results based on those search terms. But if the user searches more specifically for “oval cut diamond engagement ring” then Google knows exactly what results to deliver. In this example, we see that it’s important to consider using both vague and specific keywords on your website in order to capture both searching scenarios.Understanding Search Intent

Although we recommend using both types of keywords, it’s just as important to keep your search terms tightly relevant to the products or services your company offers. Leading searchers to your website for anything other than what your company has to offer can result in high bounce rates that will eventually get you a lower ranking score from Google. Keeping your search terms highly relevant will also build trust.

Your SEO consultant will check your website analytics to find out which search terms are bringing users to your website, and use that information to help determine the best approach going forward. This information should reveal which search terms are creating high bounce rates as well as which search terms are keeping users on your website. The search terms with the higher bounce rates are the ones you should consider refining in order to capture users who want what your company has to offer. Additionally, if there are search terms you’ve chosen that are not effectively bringing users to your website, then there may be more refining you need to do.

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