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Today, site owners sometimes employ WordPress platforms to promote online sales of goods and services. WordPress assists people in a wide variety of settings. If you maintain a store in cyberspace, then WordPress Ecommerce security proves vitally important to the success of your enterprise.

Use Seven Tips to Tighten WordPress Website Security

The popularity of Ecommerce has given rise to many different commercial website platforms. If you decide to build a marketing site using WordPress, consider taking some important steps to boost security. By making it more difficult for hackers, viruses, malware, and other issues to disrupt commercial transactions, you’ll please your customers and enhance the reputation of your brands:

1. Use Security Software to Protect Your Website

Today, retail sites constructed using any software platform require comprehensive 24/7 antivirus and anti-malware protections. You’ll want to ensure both your computer network and your website hosting company’s servers receive this assistance. Try and select a hosting company offering firewall protection, and well as regularly updated security software.

2. Keep Software Updated

It also proves important to update your WordPress software and plugins frequently. This process ensures you’ll obtain the benefit of security upgrades designed to correct any perceived vulnerabilities (or loopholes) in site security. Every week, cyber criminals devise new viruses and malware programs. During 2014 alone, an estimated 317 million malware programs circulated worldwide. Updating WordPress software helps harden commercial sites against attacks.

3. Backup WordPress Ecommerce Site Data

Develop protocols for backing up your WordPress website data at regular intervals. Keeping a “hard” copy of backups available offline facilitates a more rapid recovery if your retail site encounters problems.

4. Review Site Analytics

Also devote some time to reviewing the details of traffic visiting your commercial WordPress website. In addition to enhancing marketing efforts, this type of review may alert you to possible security threats.

5. Require Strong Password Protection

Requiring customers to register before conducting transactions on your website boosts security, too. One simple step to help safeguard accounts involves specifying the use of strong passwords. Most experts recommend using a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols to create hard-to-guess secure phrases. Require the use of at least ten letters or symbols.

6. Use Two-Step Authentication to Verify Account Holders

The development of two-step authentication technology offers a powerful tool to assist WordPress website owners in maintaining stronger security. Although more time consuming to implement, this form of authentication helps reduce problems caused by cyber criminals seeking to hijack accounts. Customers will appreciate the availability of this extra level of protection.

7. Use SSL Technology

Many commercial WordPress websites benefit from the use of Secure Socket Layer (“SSL”) technology. Obtaining an SSL/TLS certificate enables you to encrypt the transmission of financial transaction information between your site and a customer more securely. Consult with your website hosting company concerning the best ways to receive this important security certificate. Site owners select among several different SSL Certificate levels, based upon their unique circumstances. Using SSL assists businesses seeking higher SEO rankings.

Obtain Knowledgeable IT Support Services For WordPress

Do you need to maintain strong WordPress website security for an online commercial venture? If so, then obtaining experienced WordPress help support may prove very useful. Today, web-hosting companies sometimes offer this type of assistance. Consider relying upon a firm with expertise in the WordPress platform.

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