Five Strong Reasons to Prioritize WordPress Website Usability Testing Highly


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An Important Precaution

Have you considered obtaining WordPress Usability Testing services for your commercial website? This precaution helps some enterprises optimize their site for SEO purposes. It offers a chance to gain useful advanced feedback about a prospective visitor’s online experience.


About Usability Testing

In many ways, usability testing resembles a film premiere. This process supplies useful information to a website development team about their project. It frequently gives the site creators a chance to tweak and refine a WordPress site prior to publishing it to the world at large.

Many different types of usability testing facilitate WordPress website development efforts. For example, in some situations, this process occurs mainly in-house. On the opposite extreme of the spectrum, a company may commission website testing using paid test subjects asking them to complete questionnaires or video interviews about specific aspects of the website. Ultimately, the usability testing process yields valuable information of assistance in improving website performance.

Five Reasons to Test Your WordPress Website

Why do numerous businesses choose to test their WordPress websites? Many rationales underlie this process. However, five of the most significant reasons include:

Maintain a Great Brand Image

First, the importance of maintaining a consistent, clear brand image often prompts businesses to undertake website usability testing. This process furnishes helpful input to website development teams. If information on the site confuses visitors, they gain helpful clues about the problem before relying upon the website to conduct important transactions. This data may prove vital in assisting a company’s marketing efforts, for example.

Ensure Software Interoperability

Second, in many cases, website usability testing reveals possible software interoperability problems. This result may prove especially critical when a site combines several programs coded in different languages to facilitate the operation of plugins, for instance. In some cases, a plugin developer may release updates. Not all development teams have an opportunity to test the interoperability of every plugin upgrade in every device. One plugin may function perfectly on a PC, yet cause problems loading pages in some tablets, for example. By testing a website, an administrator enjoys a better opportunity to discover potential software “glitches” and find useful solutions.

Streamline Site Navigation

Third, testing helps website administrators streamline and refine site navigation. A business might produce two (or even three) versions of a WordPress website and conduct navigation testing to determine which theme best serves the company’s marketing objectives in the opinion of prospective customers. Can visitors move easily between a home page and other pages on the website? Would adding (or omitting) some features enhance site navigation? Many issues potentially enter into the evaluation of a particular website’s structure and layout.

Plug Security Loopholes

Fourth, usability testing often promotes security goals. In some cases, a business website must function seamlessly in conjunction with specific third party security programs. Testing helps reveal these potential performance conflicts.

Optimize Web Page Loading Times

Fifth, conducting testing helps administrators evaluate different web page loading speeds in various devices. Sometimes only actual testing reveals problems in this area. Testing individual pages on different devices helps optimize website loading speeds.

Obtaining Experienced WordPress Website Usability Testing

Today, companies sometimes delegate the task of performing website usability testing to firms offering WordPress premium support. This decision ensures experts devote attention to the professional appearance and responsiveness of web pages. It helps administrators gain knowledgeable, useful feedback before launching a new WordPress website!

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