Increase Page Loading Times Using Four Commercially Acceptable Techniques


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Page Loading: Still an Issue For WordPress Site Owners

Do you maintain a website constructed with the assistance of the WordPress platform? If so, you probably appreciate that not all web pages load quickly onto every device. Website developers enjoy an opportunity to enhance this process by designing pages with the goal of decreasing page loading times. Faster loading WordPress sites usually appeal to online visitors!


Four Helpful Techniques

In designing a commercial website using the WordPress platform, consider using these four helpful strategies to reduce the time required for site visitors to view your webpages:

One: Use Hosting Services Offering Content Delivery Networks

Today, many cloud-based hosting companies maintain servers in disparate locations. They may assist their customers in presenting their websites quickly by maintaining mirror sites at various data centers (with customer permission, of course). For example, maintaining one server in the Western Hemisphere and another in the Eastern Hemisphere may facilitate page loading speeds for customers with limited bandwidth in Hawaii.

Two: Use Streamlined, Lightweight Templates

Today, website designers often choose among a variety of templates in constructing commercial sites. Select IT support WordPress theme products carefully to help reduce page loading speeds. Backgrounds involving extensive visual images and a variety of different scripts and features typically load more slowly. By contrast, simple site themes generally load much faster.

Three: Encourage The Use of Software Tools to Expedite Site Loading

Some software tools, such as Lazy Load, assist your customers in expediting page loading. These tools help prevent every image on a website from loading in a browser when a visitor peruses a page, for example. By encouraging your customers to use these types of programs, you’ll help them enjoy faster online surfing.

Four: Test Page Loading Speeds

To ensure your website loads quickly and displays well for the majority of visitors, website testing possesses few equals. Many different page loading testing tools verify page loading speeds on different devices.

Avoid High Risk Website Design Strategies

Finally, it may prove helpful to inject a word of caution: site owners succeed when they develop their websites without intruding upon the rights of others. Some site design practices potentially create inconvenience or expense for other businesses. Using these strategies won’t enhance your site SEO rankings. Worse, inconsiderate approaches to website design sometimes result in legal disputes.

Even when they seek to create rapidly loading web pages, site owners should avoid techniques that potentially infringe copyright and trademark laws, for example. While online visitors navigate across the Web using hypertext links, it remains prudent to avoid creating “hotlinks” without permission directly to images carried on servers paid for by other businesses. Other terms for hotlinks include “inline links”, “offsite image grabs”, or “direct linking”. Most site owners welcome simple text links because they produce traffic, the lifeblood of E-commerce. Yet creating coded “hotlinks” between your website and websites you don’t own falls into a different category of linking.

Permitted Hotlinks

When creating websites, always obtain permission first if you’d like to utilize materials carried on other sites without sending traffic off-site. Hotlinking to increase page loading speeds poses no problem if you own both website servers (and their content, of course). Some site hosting businesses increase page loading speeds for their commercial customers by maintaining separate front end and back end servers for text and images. This practice allows websites to load more rapidly.

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