Insider Tips from a Savvy Atlanta Google Ads Consultant Regarding Top 2021 PPC Trends


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Why Businesses Should Pay Attention to Pay-Per-Click Advertising Strategies

Just like Dorothy in the classic film “The Wizard of Oz,” the new raging technique in advertising campaigns also relies on a simple pay-per-click strategy to get consumers to your home business website.

Better yet, as the business owner, you actually get paid in some of these instances. This PPC advertising format is far less costly than traditional forms of advertising in most cases.

Read on for the top 2021 PPC trends along with insider tips from a savvy Atlanta Google Ads Consultant.

Specific Audience Targeting

Google Ads has added a handy and worthwhile feature that allows businesses to specifically target an audience group. This can save a lot of advertising cash that would normally be wasted on reaching people who are never going to be interested in paying for your products or services.

In addition, Google Ads also allows businesses to layer specific audience groups on top of one another using demographic location and keyword targeting strategies streamlining your marketing even more.

Business Marketing Goes Social This Year

Upwards of 72% of people today admit to frequenting one or more social media platform every single month. Businesses should include social media sites in their overall PPC marketing plans and strategies.

Examples of social media platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest &
  • LinkedIn

This is definitely a worthwhile venture especially if your company markets its services and products to younger consumers more likely to use multiple social media platforms on a regular basis.

PPC Automation Makes Digital Marketing an Almost Effortless Process

PPC Automation processes is taking the digital marketing process to record-breaking possibilities. As companies can save time, money and effort by allowing the computers to perform most of the work, the digital marketing experience almost becomes effortless.

You will want to assist any PPC Automation feature algorithms in their ongoing learning of consumer online trafficking and search behaviors. This is done by setting up a good tracking process and writing relevant and superior advertising copy.

Of course, you should identify your target audience and relevant keywords to make the program perform even better in your company’s favor.

Mega-Shopping-Site Amazon Has Emerged into Paid Marketing Ads

Currently, Google and Facebook are the two primary top providers of paid advertising, but Amazon has now entered the ring. This mega-shopping-site giant has ramped up the heat by allowing these paid ads to be displayed on off-site locations as well as their own site.

Getting Onboard with Visual Search Consumer Surges This Year

There seems to be a growing surge of online consumers using visual search options rather than typing in what they are looking for by hand. This works by using a photo of the item desired. Then, the visual search process will deliver links where the item is sold.

Short Bumper Video Ads Have Taken Digital Paid Marketing to New Heights

Using short bumper video ads is a newer trend that is taking the possibilities of digital marketing to new highs. These 6-second videos cannot be ignored yet consumers tend to linger for at least several seconds and therefore make an excellent addition to any digital marketing campaign.

Why Voice Searches May Be the Next Big Wave in Digital Marketing PPC Ads

Just in the past year, more people have incorporated smart home features that includes programmable personal assistant speakers like Alexa Dot, Siri and Google Home. More online searches are voice searches today, and this trend is only going to increase.

Businesses can prepare for this influx of new PPC ads related to these voice searches by changing their upper-class “voice” in their written blogs and webpages into more conversational language as this is they way that people will voice search.

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