Tips For Marketing a Professional Practice Successfully Using Pay-Per-Click Ads


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An Atlanta Google Ads Consultant offers valuable assistance to professionals. Although online retailers frequently use pay-per-click (“PPC”) ads, this marketing tool also promotes professional services effectively. Creating affordable, successful PPC campaigns helps skilled practitioners expand their client bases within targeted geographic locations.

Professional Advertising: An Important Consideration

Professionals such as attorneys, physicians, veterinarians, architects, engineers, optometrists, accountants, dentists, realtors, insurance agents, and financial planners frequently seek clients within close proximity to brick-and-mortar offices. Typically, these firms must adhere to ethical guidelines concerning advertising promulgated by their respective regulatory boards. They usually benefit by evaluating prospective online ad content carefully well in advance of PPC campaigns.

Advantages of PPC Ads For Professionals

Some professional firms welcome pay-per-click advertising. This type of online communication supplies a highly cost-effective way to generate new clients. The ability to direct advertising to prospects within a well-defined geographic location holds particular value. Unlike some merchants who ship goods across the state (or the nation), professional firms such as veterinary practices tends to draw clients primarily from nearby locations.

Another benefit professional firms obtain by placing PPC ads relates to enhanced name recognition. Even if a potential client does not require a service at the present time, the ad may cause the viewer to remember the practice. A client may develop a need for the firm’s assistance later.

Five Helpful PPC Ad Tips For Professionals

1. Exercise Care Preparing Advertising Content

Before running an advertisement for a professional practice, always check with the applicable regulatory or professional board. Ensure the contents comply with ad guidelines. For example, in some states, a real estate agent must list a license number in order to market certain services. Failing to follow these rules may result in complaints from competing practices.

2. Use Effective Images

The visual quality of online ads proves important in generating interest. Many companies utilize logos, fonts, and colors consistently to enhance their brands. Repeating these steps during Internet PPC campaigns may help inspire name recognition. Additionally, professionals must ensure any photos used in an ad do not contain misleading or confusing content. For example, depicting a practitioner not associated with the practice in an ad may generate litigation.

3. Select The Best Ad Keywords

Professional practices conducting PPC ad campaigns discover advantages in selecting keywords with care. It makes sense to track the effectiveness of these choices. By choosing long tailed keywords with specific geographic ties, the company may help reinforce its presence within a locale. However, managers also need to exercise caution to ensure the use of specific geographic references does not prove misleading in some way.

4. Use Follow-up Ads

Directing follow up ads to improve conversion rates may prove helpful over the long run. This type of strategy provides a way to boost name recognition. Even if a potential client does not require the firm’s services today, at some future point the prospect may recall the business and request a consultation.

5. Conduct Multiple Short-term PPC Campaigns Frequently

Some experts recommend launching a series of small, recurring professional firm PPC campaigns. This low-key strategy helps boost practice development. Even online ads that require extensive views to generate a single click may foster increased name recognition. In this respect, its PPC ad campaigns contribute incrementally to the growth of a professional practice.

Obtain Expert Assistance

Consider seeking help from an Atlanta Google AdWords Expert. Obtaining specialized PPC advertising assistance offers advantages for professional practices in North Georgia!

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