Top PPC Strategies


Pay-per-click requires flexibility as months pass. If you have a business and PPC campaigns, you may want to look at your ads to make sure they are fresh and keeping up with current trends in PPC marketing.

Top PPC StrategiesRemarketing

Use retargeting or remarketing as part of your PPC campaign. Retargeting is targeting customers that have already visited your website. You reengage customers with reminders to revisit your site and finish a shopping cart or a reminder that they need to schedule a service. These ads are more personalized than traditional ads, and they keep your business fresh with customers or potential customers.

Interactive Previews or Demonstrations

Once someone clicks your ad, supplying them with information that allows them to see exactly how your product or service works will give them the knowledge to make an informed decision to buy. This gives your conversion funnel the quality over quantity structure that brings back clients in the long-term.

Advertising Funds

Instead of only using a traditional budget for your Atlanta paid search agency or typical PPC orders, try adding a slush fund for those viral moments you don’t want to pass up or specialized PPC campaigns. Have the funds ready for spontaneous PPC campaigns that target new audiences.

Consider Going Off-Topic

Adding in off-topic content to what you have to offer is a technique that is quickly gaining in popularity. The inverted unicorn method is targeting two different interests and finding the people who fall in the middle and like both. Think of interests completely outside of your industry, whether it be a political affiliation or a job title and combine it with the services or products you offer. While risky, the PPC ads that do this have a high conversion rate. You can explore untapped audiences and consumers by thinking outside the box and coming up with various off-topic content with one or two interests that collide into each other and give you people in the middle that have interest in your business as well. Finding these people is non-traditional in the world of PPC advertising, but the benefits of lower costs for your advertising and higher click-throughs are worth the time it takes to create the ads and content.

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