8 Web Design Trends Dominating the Industry in 2018


Web design trends change from one year to the next. Lead designers share their predictions about the industry now and where it’s headed in the future. Here are 8 web design trends leading the market for this year, and things you should be aware of if you’re focusing on getting into Atlanta web design.

  1. Animation
    Web Design Trends 2018
    Animal makes it easier to understand concepts and ideas. People’s time is precious, and animation can show someone something quicker than a lengthy paragraph. It’s getting easier to create designs and use animated logos or video clips to demonstrate your point. Only use animations if it enhances the user experience.
  2. Bright colors
    Bright and intense colors are making their way to social media and billboards. Designers are frequently experimenting to create content that creates an exceptional experience.
  3. Typography
    Safe typefaces are still standard across the web, but more people are shifting to serif to create a memorable user experience. Designers use fonts to capture attention and add emphasis to important points.
  4. Design tool standardization
    New apps and features such as Adobe XD, Figma, Axure, Vectr, and InVision are all new platforms to experiment with. They’re adding new features to maximize quality and develop a standardization that allows design tools to work together for the final project.
  5. Flat designs
    Another trend currently surfacing is the adaptation of a flat or somewhat flat design that focuses on shadows and gradients to capture your attention. Excessive use detracts from the visual, but used in moderation can simplify the aesthetic appearance with an updated and modern look.
  6. Playful illustration
    Illustrations are trending across platforms to help add personality and spunk to a brand. They’re engaging and can adapt to a variety of businesses and industries. Illustrations are creative ways to introduce dull, boring, or dry content that would otherwise be unbearable to learn.
  7. Artificial intelligence
    Science fiction isn’t where AI is, it’s right here and in almost every aspect of life. Smart speakers like Google Home, Alexa, or Siri are making technology, and AI integrates into your daily routine. A minimal design makes the AI appear almost invisible for a seamless experience.
  8. Asymmetric layout
    Designers focus on creating sites that are accessible on devices ranging from phones to tablets and on computers. Its spark might go out as more users start to utilize it and eliminate the purpose of standing out from other sites.
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