Do Android or Apple users Spend More Money?


Apple’s flagship phones make it to the market frequently and this year’s excitement surrounds the iPhoneX. It exceeds the cost of any iPhone released prior to 2017 at a whopping $999. This begs the question of why someone would spend so much on a single phone when there are countless options available on the market with similar features for a significantly lower cost. Does it really boil down to the fact that Apple users just spend more many than their Android counterparts?

Wolfgang Digital decided to take matters into their own hands and evaluated 31 million Android and iPhone sessions to get to the bottom of the question for people involved as a web designer or marketing specialist. As a bonus they also got a few digital marketing strategy tips to pass on.

Why do we care?

Doubledome Web Designer

It’s hard to grasp the concept of why people buy iPhones when compared to Androids they are much more expensive. Interesting commerce and trade secrets that have come to surface was that Apple users just spend more money, by using an example of a hotel company increased rates for people using Apple devices without experiencing any decrease in the conversion rate.

Looking at the results from these millions of sessions, the answer was simple to determine. A typical Android user spends $11.54 in each session when making a purchase, while iPhone users spent nearly three times more than Android users at $32.94 for each transaction.

How does it change things?

With the information that iPhone users are likely to spend more money comes the desire to appeal to iPhone users. It makes sense to shift the marketing strategy towards those who are most likely to make purchases and have the money to spend on goods and services found through sources such as sites running WordPress. You can take advantage of this discovery with both Facebook and AdWords to maximize your exposure.

Targeting on Facebook

Facebook gives you the most control for targeting operating systems when creating an ad campaign. You can target all mobile devices or limit the content to a specific operating system. Simply change the mobile devices setting from “All mobile devices” to “iOS devices only” to target your advertising in this direction.

Targeting in AdWords

AdWords lets you manage to target in both video and display campaigns, but you don’t have the ability to modify search options. Take advantage of Google Analytics to remarket your content to iPhone specific content. When watching average individuals browse through search engines it was typical for users to continue to scroll past relevant and newer articles in favor of older ones simply for mentioning the word “iPhone.” Users are looking for what is relevant to them and it makes sense that a user running on an iPhone will assume that the result will be better to answer their inquiry. AdWords also lets you personalize your bids through search settings armed with the knowledge that you’re likely to get an iPhone user to spend more money than a similar person utilizing an Android device.

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