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Most of us don’t think about hackers when we build a WordPress site. Our main concern is getting a site built and running. The truth is that hackers find ways into sites without most people knowing they were hacked. Modern day hackers want access to servers to send spam. The spam they send from your server will help them get financial information from the people that received the emails. These actions will put you on blacklists with ISPs and email providers.

Cyber AttackHow Do You Protect Your WordPress Site?

An Atlanta web designer suggests starting simple. The first step is changing your user name and password. Your user name shouldn’t be typical, and you should use a password generator every month to change your password. If your user name is still “admin”, you are a target for hackers. Storing passwords in your browser or using the same password for many accounts will make it easier for hackers also. Don’t hesitate to get WordPress Website Support.

Get a Good Host

Find a host that works well with WordPress. A good security system and the ability to scan for malware and compromised files is important. The host should also have a support team you can contact day and night.


It is important to update WordPress and the plugins you use. If you don’t update, you allow hackers to find weak security and gain access. Many updates are for security and fixing bugs.

Make it Harder for Users to Gain Access

If it is easy for a user to login to your WordPress site, it is easy for a hacker. Limit the number of tries a user can log in and require them to go through a two-step authentication process after they hit the limit.

Buy Themes Responsibly

If you buy WordPress themes, only use sources you trust. A trusted company will run security checks and bug tests on the themes they sell.

Remove Your WordPress Version Number

There are plugins that help remove your version number from meta tags. Hackers can use the version number to gain knowledge of how to find the security holes and access your site.

Use a Security Plugin

There are many security plugins that help your WordPress site stay secure. These plugins track how secure your site is and some even guide you through what to do if your site is hacked.

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